Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday, June 5, 2006

My mother in law has been in town over the weekend. She graciously took the two older girls away from the house all day yesterday. What? One kid, you say? I had the entire afternoon to myself to not do anything because I wasn't supposed to. It was wonderful:)

I kind of felt like it was a taste of what life would be like when the girls are in school. I also realized that I am a lot busier than I think I am - having one child for a day left me with so much time I had no idea what to do with myself...

And as promised, here was my day of tv:

MIL and I sat outside drinking coffee for most of the morning while the girls fell in the new blow up pool, so I didn't see anything before noon.

12pm - All My Children: Jack, Reggie and Aiden yelling at Lily and Jonathan for the entire show. Lily standing up for her new husband. Creepy Dr. Madden kissing Erica's knocked out hand while telling her that they'll finally be together like they should have been all those years ago. Binks crawls into bed with Kendall and has a dream of them and their babies in the park being cute moms together. Begs her to wake up. Tad, Dixie, Di, JR & Jamie & Kiefer inform Josh that his dad is Dr. Evil and doesn't respect women and their pregnancy rights. Josh half-heartedly refuses to believe the horrors that they speak of. Suddenly Dixie disappears as Tad turns around to grab a piece of paper. Where is Dixie? She's begging Zach to help her rather than go to the hospital to be with his comatose wife.

1pm - One Life to Live. Only half-heartedly watched this while I played with Georgia on the floor (see - no lifting for me:) Have no idea what happened or what is going on on this show. Did see Dorian tell David that he could get his soul back if he did something for the police. If Nash is not on the screen I don't much care about this show.

2pm - General Hospital - Sonny is going mad. He is in the manic stage of his bipolar disorder but doesn't believe he's got a problem. Sam is pining for Jason. Elizabeth is begging Jason to give Sam a chance and doesn't believe him when he says he can control his love. Lulu robs Diego of the money that he stole from her dad (Luke). Coleman tells Luke that the men he hired to Rob Luke (at Luke's request) never showed up with the money (obviously because Diego is busy getting robbed by Lulu and didn't get to Coleman, Duh). The show ends with Emily watching Sonny come to the realization that he has a problem- while he is staring at a pick ax he was using to dig up the herb gard - NOT THE ROSE GARDEN, the HERB garden. He wanted an HERB garden, NOT A ROSE GARDEN.

3pm - Inside Edition. watched the coverage they had on the two girls who were in the accident - the one died, but the family thought she was in a coma, found out 5 weeks later that the girl they thought was their daughter was actually their daughters classmate and look-alike friend and that their daughter actually died. This is real life - NOT a soap. Accident happened in Indiana, memorial in Grand Rapids...

After that coverage I turned on the Tivo. Watched That 70s show and Ironed 2 of Dave's shirts while I watched the finale of Las Vegas.

Daytime TV is sooooo good (Please, please realize that that is DRIPPING with sarcasm). My house is a mess. My garden is in desperate need of weeding. I have piles of laundry to catch up with, but hey - doctor ordered me to watch tv, right?

I really like TV, but I've decided that when I'm given a prescription to watch tv (now and when I was on bedrest with Ryann), I really don't want to watch it - I only want to do what I shouldn't be doing. What's my deal?


kkoois 10:12 PM  

Can't stand the Lily/Jonathon/Jack story. Hopefully, it will go away soon. It appears Jonathon might be going back to evil which is way more exciting than watching him try to spit out words that he can't remember. Madden story line - it's okay, but dragging on a little too long - someone just kill him off already, please! But I do love Tad!

Nash - he's okay. Needs a haircut (man, am I getting old!) I love David. I wish I could listen to his wisecracks the whole episode!

I'm so glad you came back to the Dark Side of soaps! We missed you!

Anonymous 8:17 AM  

This is going to bring out a confession. Actually it was in my 101 list. I watch AMC every once in a while. If I can't sleep at night I'll put it on soapnet. I watched Friday and am so clueless about much going on. So clueless. I really kept wondering what I was doing there in front of the TV, did I leave.... NO Oh well. I'm sure Jonathon's headaches will turn him back into the evil Jonathon and Lily will have big trouble. Jack will save the day I'm sure or spend a lot of time pouting about it! LOL

Praying your back continues to heal.

Anonymous 10:05 PM  

I'm sorry to hear that you have fallen off the soap wagon. I was impressed when I heard that you had given them up. Such a shame... Perhaps after the bedrest you can kick the habit for good. In the meantime think about watching some quality shows, such as Magnum PI (11:00 and 1:00 on wgn), during the day.

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