Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've been away. For a week. Actually, not away away, just away from the internet world. On Friday, May 1st, Georgia spilled my giant glass of water on my laptop. Its partly my fault - I was on the computer with a giant glass of water next to me and I was allowing her to horse around on the chair behind me, which eventually resulted in the spill. I'll take most of the credit since I'm way past the age of reason and should have known better in so many respects.

But crap-o-la. Last thing we needed or wanted to do was spend THAT much money on an unexpected item. And since I have trouble pulling the trigger on actually spending the money that we agreed to spend, I spent a week without a computer (we had one picked out, knew how much it would cost, but I just couldn't pull the trigger.)

And it was a great week. Although I am now ashamed at how much time I had spent on the computer. I knew it was an issue, but I never knew to what extent or how to resolve it. I was actually kind of conflicted about getting a new one - on the one hand, I wanted access to email; on the other hand, I had been so much more productive that week that I was seriously considering not getting another one. I explained all of this to Dave and we discussed and came up with a strategy to not get so distracted anymore - so we'll see how that goes.

I bought the new computer while visiting my sister in Detroit. Actually, that is the reason I finally pulled the trigger on the $600 purchase: sales tax in Detroit = 6%; sales tax in Orland Park = 10%. I saved $30 in sales tax. I know thats not much, but it was the principle of the situation. I cannot STAND the fact that we live right next to highest sales tax rate in the country... it actually outrages me. Very little has ever outraged me, but politicians have gotten me going several times in the last few months.

But anyway, the point is... I've got a new laptop and it makes me happy:) Now, to work on the self-discipline portion of owning the laptop.

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