Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feed Me*

Um, so I thought I might grow a few tomatoes this summer...

They are literally taking over my backyard. I have 6 tomato plants - 2 cherry, 2 grape and 2 beefsteak - and they are, ahem, a little bigger than anticipated.

There are also some peppers in there, but as you can tell, you can't see them - you have to live by faith that they are there and they are growing and that we will get some peppers this fall. I will officially be made entirely of salsa by the time school starts after I eat all of my crops.

*BTW, the title is a reference to an 80's movie. Can you guess which one? Winner gets... yes, thats right - a tomato.


April 10:11 PM  

Ahhh Little Shop of Horrors! Classic 80's movie! Love it!

Mommy Brain 8:34 AM  

We are down to growing one tomato plant a year after years of Doug growing 6-10 plants and by the middle of August me threatening divorce if he dared bring one more tomato into my kitchen to rot on the can really only eat so many! The plants look super healthy...hope your girls like them.

Jen 8:50 AM  

Ah, the overtaking of the tomatoes. Been there.

I have a great recipe for stewed freezer tomatoes in the crock pot. You can use them in chili, spaghetti sauce, that kind of thing.

Heaven Sent 2:26 PM  

You make me laugh! No tomato plants here, but I think I may be made of guacamole and salsa by the time this baby is born!

Carol 3:15 PM  

I can't grow too much of anything, so I'm pretty jealous. They look magnificent! Love grape/cherry tomatoes! And love making my own fresh tomato salsa with lots of cilantro!

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