Monday, November 19, 2007

I drive a Toyota Camry with 3 carseats in the backseat

And I'm back... I'm going to try to finish these out - I've got at least 74 days of blogging material here:)

This is the car that I drive: A 2001 Toyota Camry. We bought it some time between Nora being born and Ryann being born. It has a pretty big back seat and four doors. Cornbread was very excited about the leather interior. It's a nice car.

We cram 3 car seats in the back of it - so the back seat isn't so big anymore:) The girls look like this:

They're pretty cozy back there, eh? Imagine adding the Woof to the mix when we travel - its altogether wonderful!

I've never ever wanted to drive a minivan. Never. I thought that some sort of SUV - perhaps a Durango - would be a better choice. I just don't like the looks of a minivan. I never wanted to drive one - until now.

I still don't want to drive a minivan. I still don't like the looks of them. But now I would really love to have one. I'm sick of cramming them all in the back seat and having a tough time buckling Nora in. Moreso, I'm sick of them being so close to us when we're driving anywhere and trying to have somewhat of a normal conversation between the two of us - TWO of us, not FIVE of us.

However, the reason we cram 3 carseats into the backseat of a sedan is not because of my vanity, but because we just are not in a financial position to get a van. We're trying desperately to be wise with our finances while going through this new business situation. Could we get a van? Yes. Should we? No. Financially it doesn't make sense for us to get a van right now. When the Camry is paid off, then we can start thinking about it.

A van. I would much prefer an SUV. However, we would still have the same issue since many of them do not have a third row. But more importantly - for us, is we don't think it is a wise use of our money to get an SUV when we get to that point. We travel to Michigan too often to use up that much gas. Environmentally I'm not sure it would be a good decision, either. At some point responsibility has taken precedence over my vanity. I'm old, huh?

QOTD: What kind of car do you drive? What kind of car would you like to drive?

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Sarah R. (C) 3:23 PM  

I drive a minivan and I LOVE it!!! I would just like a newer one with the 2 captain chairs in the middle. Ours has the bench seat in the middle and it is uncomfortable for adults. It was a whole lot nicer when I just had the twins and we kept the middle bench out of the van and just used the back one pulled up a little so we had more room for groceries, luggage, etc. in the back.
You know they make those minivans that have the front end of an SUV, I think Missy drives one, but it has the sliding doors like a minivan. That might be something to look into when you decide you should get a new vehicle.

Anonymous 9:56 AM  

aI drive a 2002 dodge grand caravan and absolutely love it,the storage space in the trunk area is awesome,tons of room..for a van. I too needed room and didn't want to spend the money on an suv or the gas it sucks down to even drive around the block. Minivan won!
I will just keep upgrading the van,it is beyond wonderful. Depending on what kid you have sit in the middle seat you'll still have 'extra' voices in your conversations,if that happens you can just ban them to the rear seat ;) The kids love rotating spots too,they find it highly ammusing. The space of allowing them to jump in the car and buckle themselves up is beyond nice,or the space to change diapers or even clothes after a day of swimming. My van sits up a little higher then a few of the other vans because it feels more suv-ish,which I love. The lower the van,makes me feel like I'm driving a station one of those I don't ever want :) I have to laugh,my husband hates vans! He almost puked when we bought one,but he'll be the first to say it is SOOOO worth it!!!

Kristy ;)

Jen 10:38 AM  

I am also a happy van driver who came to it reluctantly. What finally sold me on it was the automatic side doors. With 2 preschoolers and a baby in a carrier, it is invaluable. I had an SUV for years when gas was cheap but I'd hate to be buying it now. I do still hate the "look" of it but the interior is so perfect for a family.

My dream car? Some day I want a Volvo SUV wagon. Big enough for 4 kids but sporty and fun.

Mommy Brain 11:04 AM  

Van driver here...and I LOVE IT!! I'm actually on my second first one was way cooler and sportier looking, but we didn't fit in it anymore. We have a Honda now and the cargo room behind the back seat is incredible. Someday I'll drive a white Jag with brown leather and a sunroof...but not until I can quit my job as bus driver!

Anonymous 10:25 PM  

I fell upon your blog and enjoy it!

I just wanted to encourage you to get a different car seat for your youngest. The overhead shield car seats are dangerous and not even sold anymore! Please do some research on them and buy a new seat in order to protect your daughter!!

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