Monday, June 01, 2009

Check up

I had intended to revisit my birthday goals on the first of every month. Last month, though, I didn't have a computer...

Seeing as how it is June 1st, I decided I need a check up and want to see what my goals were and how I'm doing at achieving them. Here we go.

1. Run 15 miles in one running session at least once.
I am working toward this goal, but I assume I will not achieve this until very close to my birthday next year. At the time I wrote the goal I was running on the treadmill and was adding a mile to my run every Saturday. Since that time I ran my first 5k and really sucked - it was the first time I had run outside since October and there were many reasons (excuses) as to my suckiness. Since that day (April 25th) I have been running outside on very hilly routes. My running has improved and I'm doing really well with it, but 15 miles is a long way away. Currently I run 5 miles M/W/Th and 8 miles on Saturday. I have two really fantastic and pretty routes that I enjoy. I think I could add a mile on Saturday so I'll have to figure out how to do that with my current route. My neighbor has asked me to do the stairs with her once a week, so I need to think about doing that - will I add it to what I'm currently do it or replace one of my running days with a stairs day?

2. Write one handwritten note each month.
I'm happy to say I've done this, however, they were both thank you notes - not sure how I feel about that and if it counts toward the original goal.

3. Spend the afternoon school time reading a non-fiction book.
Its a little more difficult to do this when the weather is so nice. Although I don't read a non-fiction book during that specific time during the day, I have been reading one in the morning before the girls get up and it has been extremely beneficial. Right now I am reading "The Life You've Always Wanted" by John Ortberg. It is about incorporating some non-conventional spiritual disciplines into your life. In fact, I'm reading it through for the second time - the first time I just read the book. Now I am going through it slowly and really working on each discipline. The first one was Joy/Celebration. The second was Slowing. The third (and the one I'm reading now) is Becoming Small. It is a fantastic book and I love it. Would be a great group study.
4. Start the whole flylady thing.
I started the whole flylady thing the very next day. I shined my sink and became anal about it for a week. I did keep it up, though, and it was nice. I was in the process of creating the control journal per her explanation when my computer was killed by my lovely Georgia. Going without a computer for a week put a big damper on the flylady process. After I got the new computer I started painting and basically everything in the house gets neglected while I'm painting (and this was a big, long project) so Flylady was not happening either. What it comes down to is this: I need to reshine my kitchen sink and jump back in.

5. Repaint the foyer, front room/dining room, kitchen and family room.
Foyer is done. It was navy blue. It is now boardwalk brown. It has been reaccessorized by Dave's client/interior decorator. I have a new light fixture. Dave installed the 6 panel doors that I got for free on The doors need to be painted and then that room is done. Foyer was repainted top to bottom - ceiling, walls, trim, doors. It is lovely and I LOVE it! There is a room in my house that actually looks "put together" which is exactly what my wish was. After the foyer, I moved on to Nora and Ryann's room (I know this was not part of the goal, but I had decided to do it long, long ago and had purchased the bedding in January). I will have to post before and after photos of that room as it is a dramatic change. That room, too, was painted top to bottom - ceiling, trim, doors, window sills, walls, and furniture. And the room makes me very happy. The next room will be the kitchen... I am going to work on getting the paint for that when I'm in MI in two weeks and will start that room sometime this summer. I'm not sure if I'm going to get the front room/dining room AND the family room done by my birthday, but I will sure as heck try.

6. Go on at least three city adventures with the girls over the summer.
I will work on this over the summer. I need to find a list of the free days at the museums.

7. Take a yoga class.
This will also probably happen closer to my birthday.

8. Write in each of the girls' journals at least once a month.
Sadly, I've forgotten about this goal and have not even looked at those journals. I need to work on this.

9. Do a personal Bible study in the morning before all the morning routines begin.
I have been reading through Isaiah in the mornings. I want to read all of the prophets. I sometimes don't understand what I'm reading, although, I've been asking God to teach me something every morning before I begin. I usually am able to learn SOMEthing about Him each morning.

10. Do not add any new television shows to my regular watch list.
I have not added anything new, which makes me happy. I guess thats pretty easy to do since its summer. Basically it is baseball or nothing.

11. Be consistent with not getting on the computer until my stuff is done.
This has not happened and it needs to. The week without the computer was WONDERFUL. I really debated about even buying a new one. Ultimately I felt I needed the internet/email access and we went ahead and bought a new one. And while I may have improved a little in my daily usage, it still occupies way too much of my time. When I didn't have the option I read so much more, I played the piano more, I found other things to do. Now its back to games if I'm bored. I need to work on this in a real way.

12. Drink 100 ounces of water on the weekends (total of Saturday and Sunday).
I did well with this for the first several weekends, but as we've gotten busier on the weekends I've falled off of working toward this goal. My issue is that I don't like to have to go to the bathroom so often when I'm not at home. I don't have an issue with public restrooms, but with the amount of water that I normally drink, I'm going often and I hate that. So I need to get back to this one.

13. Memorize Bible verses.
I have done well with this. I've memorized a verse/passage every week. I think last week was the first time that I did not work on it (not sure why). I've invited a bunch of people to join me and some have taken me up on it. My Gram is doing this with me and I love that!

I guess I'm not doing too bad. I would prefer to be doing better so I'm going to continue working on the list. I'm a very self-disciplined and self-motivated person, so when I'm failing at any of these it really bothers me;) It was good to refresh myself and its time to get back to work.


April 4:11 PM  

You are an incredibly productive person!!!!!

Hey, I can't wait to see your pictures of all the house projects! I love house projects, they are so rewarding!

Amy 2:28 PM  

Was it hard running a 5k outside since you did mostly treadmill running? I find myself getting more attatched to the treadmill. The incline does not feel like running actual hills. I think once this baby is born and I get back into regular running, I will have to a mix of treadmill and outside running.

Kristy 10:10 AM  

You ARE very productive and I love reading about it. I too can't wait to see pictures of your house projects. ::High five:: for running outside. I agree that the treadmill is way easier than actually running outside. And your doing hills? Your awesome!!!

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