Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's treats

I am so not into Valentine's Day. Never have been. But when I read this post and this post I got inspired.

I love to bake and make little treats like this, but I hate having them around the house. I have such a hard time resisting them:) So I LOVE to make treats for other people.

I sat next to a CPA at one of Cornbread's business dinners a few weeks ago and he told me he has two little kids. He and I enjoyed a nice conversation and I immediately thought of his kids when I decided to make these goodies (honestly though, I'm also not above trying to bribe people into giving my husband some business;)

I also love to put together treats like this that are super low cost, but super high impact. They are time consuming, but I enjoyed making them and putting the packages together (and sampling some). It gives Cornbread an opportunity to visit some accountants that he hopes to receive referrals from - I think they will have a good amount of impact.

These are rice crispie treats dipped in melted chocolate/peanut butter chips. I melted red and pink candy discs for the drizzle and sprinkled with glimmery red, white & silver sprinkles.

I made rice crispie treats like normal and cut them out with heart shaped cookie cutters. I also packed the rice crispie treats in there pretty hard in order to keep that sucker stick in - my treats turned out a little goo-ier than I like, which was creating a loose treat and not supporting the sucker stick. These are individual treats for the accountants (the suckers are for their children). These are scotcharoos. I.LOVE.SCOTCHAROOS. Holy cow are they good:)
With the scotcharoos I spooned some of the base layer into the cookie cutter (rather than cut them out of a block like the rice crispie treats). When it came to the chocolate layer, I tried frosting them with the melted chocolate/butterscotch like I would with cupcakes, but it didn't look good. I ended up dipping them, which worked well and gives them a hand-dipped look that I like. These are pre-icing, but post sprinkles.

I bought some great cardboard window boxes from the craft store and packaged them for the entire accounting office to enjoy.

And made a smaller package for Cornbread's assistant to enjoy:) My sweet bouquet.


Mommy Brain 8:29 PM  

Gotta say that you don't strike me as the crafty susie homemaker type...yet all these baking posts are changing my opinion. You continue to surprise me. The cookies are beautiful! You should think of going into business. They look THAT good!

Destri {The Mother Huddle} 12:04 AM  

They turned out fabulous, loved the idea of making them into suckers. Now you've made me hungry....Thanks for sharing!

Alison@howdoesshe 7:25 AM  

Super Cute...thanks for sharing!

Amy 5:41 PM  

You could totally start a home business.

April 7:22 PM  

You are absolutely amazing! These look fantastic!

Skooks 10:17 PM  

Remind me to become an accountant.

Maria 7:11 AM  

beautiful! Those look awesome.....I'm just trying to think if there is anything we could hire your husband for so I could maybe be the recipiant of your yummy treatiness.

i am not 9:27 AM  

Skooks - you crack me up:)

Maria - welcome! My husband is a financial advisor for Edward Jones. If you're ever looking for someone to help you out in that capacity, let me know (he does plenty of business outside of IL). I made biscotti packages for his clients at christmas - look in the Baking Experiments link and those posts should be there. They were GOOD!

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