Sunday, May 20, 2007

The day she turned 3

Please join me for a day in the life of our newest 3 year old:)

This one does NOT like to wake up in the morning - even on her birthday

Birthday hug from daddy:Today, she's THREE!
Eating breakfast
Bringing her sis to school
Coloring while Mom works
Watching cartoons
Time for a nap:) (without a pacifier - she had to give it up when she turned 3)
She told me that she was going to help me wrap her presents. We argued about that and then decided she would hide while I wrapped. I got the camera out and told her to smile - right before this picture she says, "I AM smiling, mom, when I put my hand on my cheek!" She is way too cute:)
Meeting daddy at the mall:
Riding on the carousel - which everyone loved!
Playing at the moon & stars
Meeting a celebrity
Chasing bunnies when we got home
Opening gifts from mom & dad
and one from Nora:)
Now she has her OWN glove to play ball with Nora and daddy!
And she got a baby, just like she wanted!
Brushing teeth before bed
Playing with sis
"listening" to books with daddy (there wasn't so much listening going on at this point).

She had such a fun day! I think she struggled with liking being the center of attention and not liking it. And Ryann does. We love our little Cutie Donut - even if she tries to change her cutiness and tell us she's a cutie chocolate bar... (she'll forever and always be a cutie donut). She is awesome - so sweet, fun, funny, and cute! She loves her big sis and loves her little sis, and even though she doesn't quite understand when I tell her that she's special because she's the only one who gets to be a little sis AND a big sis, I think she'll grow into both of those roles really well. We just love her and constantly want to smooch her:)


April 8:21 AM  

What a fun way to capture the day! She is so adorable. I love the picture of the three car seats in a row...looks like my back seat :)! Happy Birthday Ryann!

Carol 4:12 PM  

Happy Birthday, three year old cutie!

Mommy Brain 2:22 PM  

Happy Birthday! What kind a donut is she? Beautiful photo're a great mom!

mrseagen 9:43 PM  

what a sweetheart she is :) I loved the cheek picture. And the way she watching TV... Sam does that EXACT same thing! LOL

Heaven Sent 8:47 PM  

Looks like a fun day. I love the play-by-play!

heidi jo 1:28 AM  


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