Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Remember last year when we had all of the "pets"? We got the fish had some tadpoles for a short time, then there was this, and this.

A couple of weeks ago while doing some yardwork, we happened upon this:

He was enormous (obviously) and Woofy was dying to catch him (like he's a hunter). I managed to keep Woof in check and grabbed our new friend. He was in one of my flower gardens and was very well camoflauged - he looks like a clump of dirt, doesn't he?
The girls were thrilled with our new find. I picked him up and we put him on the patio for further inspection. He hunkered down and closed his eyes so we couldn't see him (someone needs to inform the animal world that this doesn't work). Eventually he began to hop away and got to the side of the house. I found some worms while I was digging up the garden and brought them over. HE ATE THEM!! It was AWESOME!
Froggy (his new name) was eventually relocated to a wheelbarrow so we could keep him long enough to show him off. Everyone who was interested got to meet him - Daddy, the neighbors nextdoor and Nate, Nolan and their mom (who was thrilled about the whole situation). We offered to let Nolan and Nate keep him as a pet, but she promptly refused because she thought it would be unfair to take him away from the girls:)
Before we went to church that evening we had to let Froggy go - we didn't want a bird to swoop down and find thanksgiving dinner months early. We brought him next door to Nolan's house and let him go under the deck where he eventually got lost. We haven't seen Froggy in a long time, but we sure do miss him!


kkoois 2:40 PM  

that is disgusting! i can't believe you picked him up!

mrseagen 5:55 PM  

did he pee on you? toads are famous for that, having a few boys I learned that the hard way.. LOL oh the adventures. Froggy looked like a fun house guest :)

Mommy Brain 8:16 PM  

Did the girls cry when you had to let him go? Last year we found a toad too, named him jr., kept him for quite awhile. When we went on vacation, Christian was very diligent about getting someone to take care of him, but sadly when we got home jr. had passed on to the next toad world...boy did we cry and cry and cry...for was very dramatic!

Heaven Sent 2:20 PM  

I guess I really am a girlie girl... Like Kim, there's no way I'm picking that thing up. You are one cool mom!

heidi jo 11:47 PM  

WAY COOL! SETH (and my woofs) ;) would have LOVED THIS!

amanda 11:11 AM  

You really need to put a new post up. I'm sickened everytime I click on your blog and have to look at those nasty pictures. *gag* :)

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