Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I guess its been long enough:)

So I'm sure everyone is sick of looking at the cicadas (Missy). Too bad life has been too boring to treat you to something else:) Actually, life hasn't been TOO boring, but instead it has been filled with some major melt-downs and tantrums by our two youngest Dykstra girls. I have no intention of complaining here, which is why the long delay in posts. Lets just say that Jana is working on the issue and I am battle-weary and worn out.

But sometimes things happen that make me smile - Like today I was taking some pictures and when I transferred them to the computer I found some that the girls had taken - like little hidden surprises:)

Love this picture - I'm lost in my own little piano playing world - look at the mess behind me;)
Remember this?
Obviously someone was having fun with my camera:

These are CLEARLY pictures of Cornbread's old watch and Woof just got in the frame somehow:

Okay, I actually took these pictures... Here is Nora doing ground ball drills at Tball:
And here are the other two - PRE-double melt-down:

Oh they have migrated... We now have a new pet. We don't have many, but enough to hear them buzzing all day. Its so much fun:)


kkoois 1:13 PM  

great pictures! what fun to find those pictures that they took without your knowing. and that's good that they didn't snap any of any naked family members...

mrseagen 4:00 PM  

Oh thank goodness! The pics of the girls are adorable and I don't think I knew you played piano... impressive :)

Heaven Sent 12:37 PM  

Good to see new pix! The little surprises are too fun, especially the photos of Ryann!

And hang in there with the melt-downs. We just finished a similar phase. Remember all of us Moms are on your side! :)

Mommy Brain 6:53 AM  

Play, play, play your heart out! Music brings so much more joy than cleaning! The pics are too cute and the cheeky grin on your daughter is too much!

Kerri 11:51 AM  

Those are great pictures and they got everyone's head in the shot, amazing!

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JCarey 8:00 AM  

Fun photos! Wish I could turn back time and blog from when my kids were young! My memory has faded and to read the every day silliness that occurs but that the memory loses would be great.

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