Friday, June 01, 2007

Gut Check Time

It is June 1, 2007. I have been 31 for exactly 2 months now... Remember this post? Well, it is time to take inventory. I don't want to make a list of things that I want to change in my 31st year and then get to April 1, 2008 and say - How did I do?, take a look and think, "Oh, I forgot I said that." So I'm going to evaluate my progress - if any - on my list. Here we go:

1. I know that I want to get into shape and STAY in shape this year. I am working diligently on this every day. We began Body For Life on April 2... but then I figured out that I wasn't eating correctly and started the 12 week challenge over on April 30, 2007. You can read all about it on my BFL blog. I am committed to finishing out this challenge and re-evaluating what I want to do in terms of diet and exercise program - I will not give up entirely, but may change avenues.

2. I know that I do not want to get pregnant this year (or any other year for that matter;) We are in the process of making this a reality - like a permanent or a semi-permanent reality. Still deciding and working on the whole process.

3. I know that I want to live a consistent life - I don't want to say things are important to me and then not show it with my actions. I hope this is happening. I struggle with this on a daily basis sometimes. I'm not sure if I can really answer this. I HOPE that I'm living consistently and intentionally - I am certainly trying to do so.

4. I want to remember other people's birthdays. So far I'm not sure that I've had an opportunity to forget, let me think... I don't think so. My mom's birthday is coming up in a week, so I guess that will be the first test:) (but see this is my usual m.o. - I remember a week beforehand, but then I forget the week of).

5. I want to write more thank you notes. I have written a couple of thank you notes since April. I have one or two more on my list of things to do - I really need to get working on those, too.

6. I want to write more handwritten "I'm thinking of you" notes (do people even like those or do they think its stupid? I never know). I don't think I've done this at all. This is so sketchy to me - I would LOVE to get a handwritten note in the mail from a friend, but I'm not sure if it freaks other people out or not, so I don't make an effort. I should - and I will.

7. I want to volunteer somewhere this year. This was one that I didn't know if I'd be able to do at all given our children's ages and our non-existent childcare options. However, Cornbread has been joined the Orland Park Kiwanis club and they do Bingo every Wednesday night. He was volunteering once a month and I decided - hey, that is definitely something I can do. So last Wednesday evening I had my first night doing Bingo and it was really, really fun. I'm looking forward to doing this once a month, also.

8. I want to not feel guilty about taking some time for myself. I'm not sure this has happened yet. I've taken some "me time" to get a pedicure, but I did it at a time where Ryann was having a complete meltdown and Nora and Georgia were being kind of demanding, too. I kind of walked in and said - "Hey - do you mind if I run out and quickly get a pedicure?" Cornbread was pretty frazzled at the moment and I didn't really get a good response and just kind of left. In some respect I felt like, "Hey - this is my life every day, welcome to a snapshot and see how you do, hopefully you have a better understanding of why I go straight upstairs to be by myself for a while when you get home from work." On the other hand, I felt like, "Oh my - I'm truly horrible for doing that. I should have stayed and helped and at least calmed everyone down or I could have waited for another time - I didn't HAVE to do this right now. I shouldn't have stuck him with all of that." I got the pedicure and kept my eye on the clock and felt bad the entire time I was there. This item needs work:)

9. I want to go on a weekend vacation with Cornbread (other than the Jones regional in June). We're in the process of figuring out what we want to do. We had initially thought we'd go see a White Sox/Twins game in Minnesota at the end of September, but 1) gas prices make me want to cry and 2) the White Sox make me want to cry. So we're going to re-discuss what we want to do. It may be as simple as (hopefully) dropping the girls off at my mom and dad's and heading to Traverse City for a weekend. Have to discuss together and then get feedback from mom and dad. Really want to do something for our anniversary, though.

10. I want to know my Bible better. I'm not so good at this. I don't understand much of what I read and I don't retain a lot of what I read - even when I read the Bible regularly. So my motivation on this item is low, unfortunately. I don't know how to change this.

11. I want to do a Bible study that is meaningful. I was doing a fantastic study on Genesis with a group of girls online. Unfortunately it has fizzled because the leader has had stuff going on. I'm hoping it will begin again soon (hint, hint:)

12. I want to have a clear plan on when I can start nursing school and where I can go. I haven't even begun to work on this. This one seems so incredibly overwhelming to me that I don't even want to think about it.

13. I want to take my girls to the park more often during the summer. Yes!!! I'm doing this! I have been taking them to the park at least once a week for the last three weeks with no intention of stopping. We have visited 4 parks around our house and I think we've found our favorite. All three of them love going - Georgia climbs on the big girl toys and the other two have fun running from thing to thing and we all end up on the swings at some point. I also have limited opportunity to read a page or two from my book while I'm there. The first time we went we saw a hawk circling over the field near us - I was getting nervous that he thought Georgia would be a tasty little morsel, but he landed near a dead animal and we watched him circle it (walking), pick at it, get defensive (huge wingspan) and eat from it. We got as close as we could before I realized that it was likely a dead cat - and I didn't want the girls to see it, so we went back to playing (but I was fascinated the rest of the time we were there).

14. I want to read a fiction book each month (I just don't know which books to read). Have not done this, either. I struggle with picking out a book to read. I haven't read fiction in a really long time and have no idea where to begin when I go to the library - anyone have any suggestions?

15. I want to be a good friend. Again, something that I can't answer, but my suspicion is that the answer may be no... I'm not good at picking up the phone to call people - even BFWW. And I hate that. I think about it, but then I forget when I actually have time to pick up the phone. My job makes it worse. I'm not trying to make excuses - because there is no excuse. Something I really need to work on.

16. I want to eat healthy and be healthy - not just lose weight, but BE healthy. I think I'm doing this. Through BFL we are eating healthier than ever before. I have cut almost all High Fructose Corn Syrup out of our diet (girls too), I have cut down on sugar consumption for myself and the girls and I am eating very balanced meals 6 times a day with lots of vegetables. I've also made it mandatory that the girls eat carrots with their lunch - this is a huge step in the veggie eating department for them. I will work on other vegetables as time goes on. In addition, I work out 6 days every week - cardio three days and weight lifting three days. So I would say I'm definitely working on this one.

17. I want to remember my parents' birthdays (I always miss them). See above - mom's birthday is next week. I'm going to need a reminder:)

18. I want to remember ALL of my nephews' birthdays (I always miss at least 2). Haven't gotten there yet, but Andrew's birthday is July 25 - I'm going to need a reminder:)

19. I want to date my husband. I can successfully report that we have been dating again! Our friends, Nathan (15) and David (14) are dying to make money and are asking us if they can babysit. No problems taking them up on that offer! So they have babysat on Saturday night for several weekends in a row (with the exception of the last two - Ryann's birthday party & Memorial Day weekend). We've never had any major plans, but we just go out, grab something to eat (free day) and hang out and do whatever we want or need to do. Usually we run some errands, but not always. This Saturday I'm thinking maybe we could hit some golfballs and go to Trader Joe's and maybe out for ice cream. Whatever it is - it is awesome to go out just the two of us on a regular basis! Love it!

So there is my gut check. Not fully doing any of the above, but I'm pleased that I'm at least working on many of them. It is good for me to re-read these things to remind myself of the goals I've made for the year and to be faced with the idea that I've made the goal and put it out there for the WWW and should be accountable to working on it. We'll check again in 2 months!


amanda 1:05 PM  

Jana, that's quite a list, but I think you're doing great! You don't have to be doing well at ALL the things you've listed...change takes time. To have been consistent with some of them is huge. Good for you!!! :)

Heaven Sent 1:21 PM  

Well done! I am totally impressed, especially with working out and dating "Cornbread." Keep it up!

mrseagen 2:01 PM  

yeah I'm NOT happy about #9 :(

(but have a plan in August..I'll get back to you)

being a better friend thing... it's hard with kids, it just is. If you ask me your a great friend :)

Mommy Brain 8:05 PM  

You seem to be living one of the most purposeful lives of anyone I know! I'm so impressed!

April 2:44 AM  

Hey on number 14, maybe checking out Vicki's site can be a help. She is constantly reviewing Fiction books on her site and maybe one will jump out at you.

Love that you are doing so many of your hopes for this year. It is inspiring to see you working through them. God is doing a great work in you and it is wonderful to hear about it!

Blessings to you Jana!

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