Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WHY CAN'T I PUT A TITLE IN MY POSTS ANYMORE????? Am I the only one having this problem? I have three blogs and I cannot post titles in any of them... I guess its not so bad - I hate coming up with titles anyway:)

So here I am to update the world on Nora and whatever else hits me as I'm typing.

First - Nora.

We brought her back to the Pediatric Orthopedist on Friday to get more xrays and to find out if she needed surgery. They took her splint off, which apparently hurt a great deal and took the xrays. She needs surgery. I'm bummed - I was really hoping that this was not going to be the case, but alas I will now go forward into my first surgery adventure.

She continues to amaze me with how well she is doing with the struggle of "losing" her right arm/hand. I was in complete awe the other day when she showed me a drawing she made of a castle with a moat and a princess with a tiara - all done with her left hand. I never would have guessed. I really, truly sat there with my mouth wide open about that.

She does not complain during the day. At night (in bed) we have bouts of her being very sad and frustrated. One night I overheard her crying to Ryann that she was never going to feel better and she would have to wear this thing forEVER. Broke my heart - I'm a tough mom and very little is done or said to evoke much sympathy from me, but this did. She's been so good, and I'm so proud of her:)

On the plus side, we came home on Friday with a new cast. This one is hard so she can't feel if she gets bumped. AND it is glow in the dark and pink striped. What 5 year old would not be excited about that?

She is having surgery on Thursday morning. It is an outpatient surgery and the doctor said it should last about 20 minutes. Yesterday I told her about it and when she asked if it was going to hurt, I said, "Yes, it is going to hurt and probably a lot." Oops:)

Here is our girl with her new cast: Christine/Doug - is this something that I should let our pediatrician know about? I haven't informed them of any of this.

Our other very exciting news is that we found a baby fish in our aquarium!
Its kind of hard to tell from the photo, but it is TINY - probably about 1cm in length. I rescued him from the big bad shark and put him in his own bowl. Seriously - we have a shark that hangs out in our rock and chases fish away when they approach (its very humorous to watch). This little guy (Nemo) swam right into the entrance of the rock - all the while I was yelling "Don't go in there!!!!" I was very scared for Nemo because Bruce is NOT friendly and does not take kindly to visitors. He has begrudgingly allowed the placostomous to take residence in the rock, but I'm not sure he had a choice - that thing is about 3 times the size of Bruce and is hard like a rock. So Nemo backed out and I got him the heck out of there and found him his own little sanctuary.

So we're going to monitor his progress and reintroduce him to the big guys when he's old enough to play real games:)

Other than all of that, we have managed to pass the flu around the family over the weekend and now I am catching up on all of the laundry. I have leftover laundry that I hadn't gotten to, we have sheets from over night guests, and flu laundry - plus whatever piled up in the meantime. My room looks like the clothing fairy had the flu.

Onward I march - I am a machine today.


mrseagen 3:04 PM  

LOVE THE CAST! glow in the dark, what will they come up with next! :)

I giggled about Bruce and Nemo.... glad Nemo has you, our very own Larry Boy (beta) survived while we were on vacation. I forgot to get someone to feed him so he's a bit underweight but doing well I must say :) I am a BAD fish mommy!

Mommy Brain 7:39 AM  

Cool cast Nora! And, I love your smile!

Doug says the surgeon usually sends a letter to the ped. so don't worry.

Good luck on Thursday morning, who would have thought that you, mother of three girls, would have more broken bones and hospital drama than me mother of three boys?

BTW I'm a tough mom too and what Nora said would make me melt too.

mrseagen 2:52 PM  

follow up:

Larry Boy moved to the garage last night, he is the source of a huge stink and until his home is cleaned he's in the garage

also out of 3 boys it's my girl that's had the cast, not the boys...go figure

Kristy 10:12 AM  

Praying for Nora today with her surgery. I hope she feels alot better after the surgery and heals quickly. And wow,coloring a detailed picture with her left hand..amazing!!!

You FINALLY have baby fish!! :) I sent baby fishy vibes to you a while back when you mentioned to me you had never had any HA! Guess it worked..or was it just in the water? ;P

After you posted your list of laundry accomplishments,I got motivated and got off my buns. I had an enormous pile on my couch that I folded and put away. I spent hours finishing up the laundry and have my last load in right now. I would have been done last night,however Jonah and Olivia have the flu too,and we're doing flu laundry also. I'm right there with you!

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