Monday, August 13, 2007

Updates on the girls - Part 2: Ryann

Ryann: 3 years old

So what do I say about Ryann - our Cutie Donut who refuses to be a cutie donut? She has a mind of her own and a will to go with it. She likes to dig her heels in and make life as miserable as possible when she's not getting her way. She has selective hearing and seems to not hear much of what is said to her. She has a terrible disability in the respect that every time she is asked to pick up toys, she keeps falling over. Over and over again - she falls over and just cannot pick up any toys. Oh, but then she says the cutest things and we have the best conversations. Its all part of being 3.

Lets go with some of our conversations...

Debating her cutie-donut-ness:
R: Mom, I'm NOT a cutie donut. I'm cutie chocolate bar.
J: Ryann, I don't care what you say - you will ALWAYS be a cutie donut. You simply cannot change your cutie-ness.
R: Mooo - ooom! I'm NOT a cutie donut, I'm a cutie chocolate bar. Some people DO change their cutie-Mess.

Discussing her being a big girl:
J: Ryann, are you a big girl or a little girl?
R: I'm a big girl.
J: When did you become a big girl?
R: When I was 2 I was a little girl and then I turned 3 and I was a big girl!

R: Mom, when is it my birthday?
J: In May. How old are you going to be on your next birthday?
R: I don't know.
J: Well, you're 3 now, so how old will you be on your next birthday?
R: I don't know - 17?

And my favorite - our new favorite sport:
I was painting the side door while the girls were playing in our side yard and in Nolan's front yard (they were gone for the day). They were playing with a soccer ball and had gotten sick of it and were standing by me and talking. I wasn't paying much attention to the chatter, but heard something and began to perk my ears up to hear better...

N: Mom, we're sick of playing soccer. What can we do?
R: Yeah, Mom, we're done playing bouncy lotsa lotsa. Bouncy lotsa lotsa is boring, we want to do something else.

Um hello? Did you read that? BOUNCY LOTSA LOTSA! Could there be a more perfect name for a sport? Soccer will forever be bouncy lotsa lotsa in our house, even though she now refuses to say it and has the following conversation:
J: Ryann, do you want to play bouncy lotsa lotsa this fall?
R: mmmm, no I don't call it that anymore I call it soccah.
J: You don't call it what?
R: (in a very quiet, tiny, hesitant voice) bouncy lotsa lotsa.

We have that conversation quite often so I can just hear her say those words;)

And I can't forget to add that we went and saw Shrek The Third for Nolan's birthday a couple of months ago. Ryann calls it Shrek Mafur - I'm sure I don't need to explain how cute that is and tell you how many times we try to get her to talk about the movie so we can hear her call it that:)

Oh my, she is so cute and just says the cutest things all the time. She is becoming quite a little person, although a lot of what comes out of her mouth is a direct copy of what Nora says. Apparently Nora has all of the best ideas, which is why Ryann feels a need to repeat them word for word:)

Ryann also has decided that she is going to marry Nolan's brother, Nate. They play together every afternoon and spend much of the time bickering and fighting, but yet, they are going to get married. Michelle and I watch, laugh and roll our eyes. They are the same exact kids but in different bodies. They throw the same fits. They fight with us the same way. It amazes me to watch Nate when Ryann's not around - because I feel like I'm watching Ryann. At any rate, they are getting married and if Cornbread and I have anything to say about it they will get married at the same time as Nora and Nolan so we can pay for one wedding and not two:)

Ryann is going to preschool 3 days a week in the fall and is very excited about that. She and Nate will be together at school and we're eager to see how that goes. This will be her first real opportunity to make friends without her sister. She has been going to nursery at Parkview for as long as we've been there, but its not the same as going to school. I'm very curious to see how this all plays out for her.

While she is a very sweet and loving girl, she does not like to be ordered to be affectionate. When I ask her to give me a kiss, she turns her head and groans - every time. It has now become just part of the process. I then tell her that she's stingy with her kisses and grab her and kiss her all over the face, which produces giggles and a huge smile. She is so much fun to be with and always does or says something to put a smile on your face - even if it is just looking at you. We have so much fun with our Cutie Donut - and who wouldn't? She's delicious!


mrseagen 4:29 PM  

oh my goodness does she look like Dave in that last picture! Cornbread Jr. I'd say and since you won't tell anyone what Cornbread means I can only hope that is not an offensive statement! LOL
Tell her I agree, she is a cutie donut and that's two against one ;) I love the way you write about your girls, and I'm looking forward to getting to know Georgia next

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Mommy Brain 11:25 PM  

I was thinking she looks just like you in that last picture....oh course I don't know what cornbread looks like so...I'll go with she looks like you. I'd love to talk to her too she sounds yummy!

Carol 8:17 AM  

you could publish a book - "Conversations with Ryann". Or you could combine those with Missy and her conversations with Sam and Eric and with Christine with her conversations with Wes and Jed and Kim and her conversations with Elise!
love those stories! thanks for making me laugh!

Heaven Sent 1:05 PM  

These conversations are too cute for words. I love the mind of a toddler. Especially one that belongs to such a cutie donut! I agree, can't wait to hear about Georgia. Three girls...three different little personalities. God is so creative!

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