Tuesday, August 28, 2007

She's off

Well, she's off - on her own, on the bus, on her own, to her whole new world that begins today...

Nora got on the bus - by herself - barely turned around to say goodbye to me and went off to her first day of kindergarten. Bus came at 12:30, she was ready to wait outside at 10:30 (okay, a little earlier than that). Someone was VERY excited about going to kindergarten and riding the bus.


Heaven Sent 2:25 PM  

Happy first day of Kindergarten to both Mommy and Nora. I'm sure it was a bitter sweet day for you, Jana, but sounds like your girl was ready to go! And she looks so grown up. Hope she has a great day!!

amanda 3:31 PM  

Awwww!!! She looks so old! :(
Annaliese starts in one week and she's already asking 'how many more days???'. Our babies are growing up!!!!

Jen 5:55 PM  

She does look so grown up! Isn't school a wonderful invention? :-)

carrie p 11:00 PM  

Kylie starts on Tuesday. I get to go with her for her first day, and then she's on her own after that! She'll be going full days which is actually good or I'd be paying a lot in daycare! Our little girls are growing up!

mrseagen 5:19 PM  

oh my goodness I got all teary.....

my kids just can't go this year and that's that!

Nora you look so BIG and PRETTY, I hope your first day was super fun! And if it wasn't you just have your auntie missy give your teacher a call ;) we'll get it straightened out!

Missy Eagen 10:26 PM  

well did she love it???

Carol 6:52 AM  

so many firsts for Nora...
first broken bone
first day of school

she is growing up!

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