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I'm so proud:)
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The Most Wonderful time of the year...
You know what I really detest about this time of year and the weather that comes with it? Not the rain - I rather enjoy the rain and the sound of it (from time to time). Not the snow when it comes. Not the mud. Not the dreariness.

Nope - I can handle those things just fine (okay, in limited doses). What I truly hate is the uncertainess of what needs to be in our closets. Do I bring out the spring/summer/short sleeve clothes? Do I put away the winter/long sleeves? Do I dare buy shorts for the girls? Do I dare buy sandals for them yet? Do I REALLY need to keep the winter coats and boots around - just in case?

I have a lot of hangers - a lot - but at this time of year, I never seem to have enough because I need to have double wardrobes in everyone's closets. Ugh - I hate this!

Has there been a hurricane named Georgia?
Friends of ours truly believe that there are a few natural disasters in this world: Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and GEORGIA. She is amazing. I wish that I could completely describe life with her, but unless you experience it fully, it may be impossible (that being said, I'm open to offers to experience Georgia for a day... or two - okay, maybe three or four if you insist).

Lets see if I can accurately describe just one day in the life...
8am - one of us gets her out of bed. She doesn't have pants on - they have been removed and tossed on the floor at some point. Diaper changed, clothes changed, on our way down to breakfast.

8:30am - breakfast is cereal. She asks for raisen bran, then when her bowl is full and milk has been poured into it, she shoves it across the table and yells because she clearly does NOT want Raisen Bran. Head sinks to table, the world is now ending.

9am - breakfast is over. She has eaten most of her raisen bran (mom has completely ignored the drama), has dripped milk all over the table and has spread it around with her hands and wiped them on her pants. "Pants wet MOM!" Pants are thus removed and left wherever she is at that particular moment.

Plays with her sisters. Today it involves bringing all couch cushions to the bottom of the three steps to the family room, lining up in the dining room, running, yelling "Cowabunga!" and jumping on the cushions. Great fun (until someone loses an eye).

At some point she moves on to the kitchen for a drink. After the drink she spies a cupboard, opens it and brings out every pot and pan that she can reach. If not pots & pans it is the toaster and the blender.

10am - Its time for Sesame Street! She sits in front of the tv for a good hour and a half while mom goes upstairs to fold laundry - thank you Lord for Sesame Street and Barney!

11:30 - time for lunch! "Peanut Butter and Jelly, MOM!" So she gets PB&J along with a tangerine. Eats the PB&J and decides she wants PB crackers like Ryann. Eats that. Miracle upon miracles she didn't open the sandwich or the crackers and eat the PB&J with her fingers and rub them all over her face and hair.

While they're eating, mom goes about picking up the family room so she can relax while everyone is at school. She picks up the couch cushions, finds every crayon that they own dumped in a pile in a spot that makes absolutely no sense as to why they are there, picks up the books Nora read that morning and threw on the floor. Family room is picked up.

While mom is picking up family room, Georgia decides she doesn't like the tangerine, so she squeezes all pieces in her hands and allows juice to ooze through hands and all over table. Runs hands through hair. Great fun - maybe she is making up for the lack of peanut butter in her hair? Mom gives her a wipe and tells her to clean her hands and her face. Much more fun to wipe everything else - the chair, the table, the floor.

Mom combs Ryann and Nora's hair and helps put shoes on. While doing this, Georgia passes the open laundry room and decides to wander in. She then pulls out every single rag and cleaning towel that we have and tosses them all over the family room floor for no apparent reason.

11:50 - in the car to bring Ryann to school. Screaming because Nora is playing with the barbie that Georgia brought into the car yesterday. Screaming. Mom turns talk radio up as loud as possible to drown out the screaming. Nora gives barbie back to Georgia, screaming stops. Briefly. Screaming begins again because her hands are sticky. Mom hands her a wipe and the world quiets down.

12:05 - home, time to put her down for a nap - Thank you Jesus for naps! Mom walks into Nora & Ryann's room and finds clean shirts strewn all over the floor (not from Ryann and Nora).

That is just HALF of a day with Georgia. I'm much too tired to write the rest;)


Anonymous 1:52 PM  

i'm feeling for you friend... i'm overwhelmed just reading it! the only thing i can think of that MIGHT help just a LITTLE (maybe for a week or so) ;) is a huge box full of locks that would be applied to everything in your house that opens. :)
heidi jo

Kristy 3:51 PM  

Jana,can I just say I feel for you. It didn't dawn on me until today as I'm watching my very busy 2 1/2 yr old neice that after reading your post just how much I admire you. I'm exahausted after having her just ONE day once in a while. She's actually been pretty good today,accept dumping her apple sauce all over her crackers and then into her water,but other than that..a great day. Her past actions are for another post :) I feel for you I really do.

Amy 7:42 PM  

Wow, two year olds are crazy! Were Nora and Ryann like this? I guess every kid is different. I am sure Derek will be a totally different toddler than Hailey is (she's pretty easy).

I don't feel like I should give advice because you have way more experience than me. Do you make Georgia pick up or clean up after herself? Hailey used to trash her room during her naps, but gave that up once I made her clean up every little piece. It worked.

Sarah R. (C) 11:57 PM  

You probably already know my comments on this one.
I do have to say that the squeezing of the tangerines (only it was an orange) is something I have experienced recently as well and I will only give you one guess as to who that was.
Oh the stories we could share.

Mommy Brain 10:55 AM  

So, the book recommendation I have for you this hour is "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" or "If You Take a Mouse to School" both of which will bring you great joy. Hang on my internet does get easier...the mess never goes away but the constant activity will...hang on just one more season!

Carol 7:51 AM  

I was just talking to a friend yesterday who is a dad of a downs syndrome boy. The boy's name is Colin. He is all over the place! And he will eat A.L.L. the time if they let him. Colin was throwing a Mr. Incredible doll from the CCHS bleachers, and then retrieving it, and then going up top to do it all over again. I was telling Colin's dad that he must keep him busy just watching where he is. He says that Colin never stops, except to eat and for Spongebob. That's it! My son Josh never watched anything on television ... he always wanted to play, play, play, play. I still can't keep him still or quiet! He talks constantly from the time he wakes up! Yesterday, I just looked at him when he came bounding downstairs in the morning, and talking nonstop to me... and I said, "Josh, can you give me a few minutes to have my coffee and wake up, please?" Georgia sounds similar!!! Except at a constant needing watching pace! Wowza! Maybe you could have her collect extra hangers door to door in the neighborhood for a while!! ;0

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