Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shameless plug for comments and attention

Its my birthday today. I'm 32.


heidi jo 9:47 AM  

Well, Miss "I'm Old" category for this post... I'm still older than you and will be 34 in June! And DONI is older than ME! ;) Hee hee...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND OF MINE! I really hope you have a day where there are no emergencies, your children obey, and especially that your littlest princess doesn't knock anything fragile over, write on anything besides coloring books, or cut woof's hair. :) I hope you have a peaceful day. A joy-filled day. A happy surprises-full of presents and good cheer - and sunshine in your heart day. :)

Jen 9:54 AM  

Happy Birthday Jana!!

Go drink a bottle of wine. Or 2.

Missy Eagen 10:25 AM  

I'm old.... HA! I turned 36 this year, something about having to round up really bugs me! :)

Seriously.... I don't need a shameless plug for attention to give you the attention that you deserve and that I'm so blessed to be able to give. You are a dear friend/sister and I thank God for your sweet spirit in my life. Have a great day and oh yeah all of what Heidi said about your little princess I say DITTO! Georgia take the day off!

Sarah R. (C) 11:46 AM  

Happy Birthday, Jana. I will be joining you at 32 in July.
I really hope you have a great day and that ALL the girls behave for Mommy.

kkoois 11:57 AM  

happy birthday! ya know i love ya, babe.

Melissa :) 1:09 PM  

You're a young one! Have a wonderful birthday! :)

Jen 5:03 PM  

Happy Birthday Jana! I agree with all of the other happy thoughts from your friends.

I'm older than you too (almost 35....yikes)

Drink the wine or get some sushi.....you know I will ALWAYS think of you when I think about getting sushi again. You are wonderful!!

Kristy 1:54 PM  

It's definately NOT a shameless plug,you are allowed to give a shout out that it's your birthday.
Happy Birthday and sorry I missed it :( I'll be joining the '32' club with you in a couple weeks ;)

JCarey 3:16 PM  

You are young with a wise mind - enjoy each crazy moment of your days with your girls. Terrible twos turn into tumultous teens before you know it. Happy belated birthday.

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