Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Heads Up People

Have you heard of The Shack? If not, you need to consider buying a copy immediately. It is a fiction book by William P. Young and has been the most thought provoking and moving christian fiction book I have ever read. It is incredible.

I've read it once, loaned it to my mom and reminded her a million times to bring it back so I could reread it... a little over-eager, perhaps? I read it through, but I want to really read it, really digest it and really learn from it and think about it. I need a highlighter:)

My friend, Doni, has summarized it and blogged on it here . I'm hoping that you will read her post and be intrigued and moved enough to buy the book and read it - I guess I'm thinking, why summarize it and try to persuade you when she has already done such a wonderful job:)

So the heads up is this: I'm going to start rereading it next week after I'm finished withSex God by Rob Bell. And I'm going to blog on it and want you to join me. I want to have a blogging book discussion. I'll take it slowly - but lets read or reread through it together. I want to give you time to buy a copy... They're $15 at B&N or Borders, but I've heard they're $7-$8 at Cosco. Buy one, please!
Is summer a good time for this? Or would school year be better? Please post a comment if you're planning to join in.


heidi jo 1:33 PM  

$8-9 at www.half.com too. :)

I'm almost to the end of my copy after only a few days. :)

Mommy Brain 9:52 PM  

I'm here to discuss....need to read it again. Leading a book discussion at our church in Aug...this will be good practice! Loved the book....thanks for the suggestion! Was thinking the other day that we should do coffee again...got another great book for you!

one hot momma 11:57 PM  

great idea Jana...I'm in for the discussion...read it through once myself, reread many sections...Sarayu is speaking volumes to me lately!!!

Carol 7:19 PM  

Hi, Jana. I'll be in for the "discussion" ... at least for hearing what everyone has to say about it...

Missy Eagen 9:51 PM  

I'm in :) Let me know when we start

Mommy Brain 5:49 AM  

I think that we (Pastor Jul & Dr. Timmermans from TCC) are going to sponsor the author to come in the spring to do a 1 day conference! How cool! I'll be sure to get you the details when/if it happens.

JCarey 2:20 AM  

Count me in - let me know through an email when you are going to do this, please. Also, I say don't just buy one copy but buy two to pass along to others. I am about half way done with Sex. God. very good. And mommy brain, was is the other book because I am looking for a next read! Jana - if she let's you know her new title, please forward it to me:)

Mommy Brain 10:15 AM  

In case anybody is interested...you are all invited to the discussion we are having this Sunday eveing or next Wednesday evening. Doug and I are hosting. http://www.newlifenewlenox.org/332867.ihtml

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