Saturday, July 26, 2008

Growing Up Cute

Sometimes we feel really bad for Nora. She is at an age where she isn't so "I just want to eat you up and squeeze you and listen to you talk" anymore. She has been for a while and I've felt bad about it for a while. Our relationship takes more effort - not only because of her age, but because of our personalities. I'm beginning to think that her being an oldest and me being a youngest gets in the way sometimes and I feel bad about it. I have to be very intentional about my relationship with her. Cornbread has to be more intentional about his relationship with Ryann. It is what it is. I am working on it - its hard some days. I am thankful that I recognize it - if even remotely - so I CAN work on it.

The other morning she was the only one of the girls awake. I was walking from the kitchen to the stairs to grab something from my bedroom and this is the scene that I happened upon. She set up her animals on the couch arm so they could look outside with her. All of them were looking out the window and waiting for the sun to come out (it was a particularly cloudy morning). They were all quietly and patiently waiting. Together.

It struck me that she may not have the obvious cuteness factor that is inherently a part of being 2 1/2, 3 or 4 years old, BUT she has her own cuteness at 6 1/2 - like this scene. I hope that I can be more aware and more appreciative of 6 1/2 year old cuteness from now on.


Mommy Brain 5:55 PM  

"I have to be very intentional about my relationship with her." I think that is such a beautifully honest statement Jana...your girls are so blessed to have you as their mother.

Carol 7:24 AM  

ohhh... what a great post! She is so very cute in her own way. And you recognize that. You're so very cute in your own way, too, Jana!

Carol 7:24 AM  
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Heaven Sent 10:27 PM  

What a sweet photo. I love the moments when they don't know you are watching. For some reason, these are the most special.

Jennifer 10:56 PM  

I totally understand what you mean! I struggle w/ my oldest. I thought it was a female/male thing but that really didn't feel right either.

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