Friday, April 17, 2009

Bugly's Room

Bugly's room is finally done... with the exception of painting the ceiling and trim, but that won't change the outcome of the after photos.

Here is the room Bugly slept in for 3 years of her life... Highlighter yellow walls (yes, I picked that color - twice, actually) and the room was very bright and cheery. However, there was nothing on the walls, no curtains and really nothing I could do with her room. So I found a new comforter bought some curtains and paint and got started.

Okay, I lied... there were two photographs of flowers on her wall.
This was our guest room bedding before Bugly was born. It was all I had when she moved into a twin bed, so it was fine.

I picked out paint colors and painted the walls in January. I LOVED the change. The colors were so soft and pleasing to my eyes - I felt so calm just looking in her room. I never in a million years would have guessed that I would allow pink walls in my house, but truthfully I really, really love them!

Yesterday on a complete spur of the moment I finally did what I've been envisioning since January - painted the flowers on the walls. First I sat down and sketched out what I wanted, then I walked around like a mad woman looking for ovals to use to make the flower petals. I have had this in my head for months but thought that I would need an overhead projector to cast the flowers onto the walls so I could trace them - so they would be perfect. Yesterday I got an itch to paint and couldn't paint my foyer yet, so I decided that perfect was for the birds. I found circles very easily (lids to my pots and pans) but finding ovals of the right shape and size proved much more difficult. Ultimately I found some items that did the trick and I adore how this turned out.

I already had the blue, green and pink paint so I went out and bought some samples of yellow and red to complete the look. I felt that I needed to tie the navy curtains in with the bedding since they didn't look great with the pastel walls, so I'm extremely pleased with how the bold colors tie in the bedspread, the curtains and the pastel walls.

This whole project made me happy from start to finish. And now I go in there and stare at the walls with a smile (which I do after every room makeover). The flower shapes are not perfect and neither is the painting - which is kind of the look I was going for so in the end everything really IS perfect;)


April 4:21 PM  

I think you did amazing! What a great room!!!!!

Marissa 5:19 PM  

Jana - that looks awesome! I bet Georgia loves her new room. :)

JCarey 11:53 PM  

Very Cute!!! One idea that you might do is find a spot down low and have Georgia paint her own "flower" (could give her a bathroom cup that can be dipped in a pie tin of paint (makes circle rings for petals and center)). I did something similar for Liz (lot more repeat though but just throughout a ribbon (one roller wide) which was painted as though it meandered around the room) and then I made one unique thing on each wall that she had to hunt for. One was a small cirlce made up of repeating "liz" over and over around the rim of the circle, one was as simple as a unique color, one was solid rather than outlined. AS your girls grow up, make sure you take photos of each wall in their room. They will eventually begin using their walls as a place of expression and it is interesting to see how they change through looking at what they deem "wall worthy".

Brenda B 1:36 AM  

Looks awesome Jana you did a great job. The flowers that peak out from the closet etc are my favorites.

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