Friday, April 03, 2009


Note to (future) self:
When you are older, have older kids and the young family down the street leaves weird things in their front yard for long periods of times (soccer balls, random log, rockets, plastic cups, sticks), do not complain to your husband, do not mention it to the neighbors - remember back to when you were 33 and you saw those things on your own lawn, but had much better things to do with your time than to pick them up...

New Lyrics
Bugly has really been cracking me up lately. She has been singing a lot. But she often inserts her own words. For example:

"Its raining, its pouring, the old man bumped his head on his old bed."

"Count your breakfasts, name them one by one"

Buried or Burned
One Saturday our entire family made a trek out to the eye doctor (40 minute drive) and when we were leaving there was a funeral procession that took a long time. We had to sit in the parking lot for an eternity (hee hee) and ended up trying to explain it all to the girls. Within the explanation we talked about the fact that some people decide to be buried after they die and some people decide to be cremated (with a thorough explanation of cremation). I expressed my preference for cremation and explained that I thought it was the environmentally responsible decision.

The results of that conversation:
1. Skipper has often talked about "what if there is a mineral?" Takes me a long time to figure out what she is talking about. Nora has corrected her a couple of times: "FUNERAL"
2. My in-laws brought the girls to LegoLand last week. On the way there, Skipper busted out with, "My mom wants to die. And she's going to be burned."

Obsess much?

Discipline or Be a Mom?
Ms. Peek is 7. We have dealt with some lying issues over the last year. Is this normal????

Anyway, yesterday she completely fabricated a story that was designed to elicit sympathy from me. I figured it out halfway through the story. I was burning - like the kind of anger that results in almost no emotion. I felt emotionally manipulated... and it wasn't the first time. (again, is this normal for her age?)

I called Cornbread to explain the situation because I just couldn't figure out my next, best response (I had already sent her to her room). After discussing, he told me that of course she needed to experience consequences to her behavior (being grounded for the rest of the day), but she also clearly needed me to be her mom right then. He was right. I dealt the discipline and then I laid on her bed with her and was her mom for a few minutes... seems to have made a difference for now.

1. How in the world do you stop the lying?
2. I understand the fact that Ms. Peek kind of feels like she gets the shaft. Her sisters are home most of the day and seem to get more attention. Truthfully, she is getting more and more independent and able to do things on her own... Skipper is slowly getting there, but Bugly is not. And while all of my children are sweet, loving and gorgeous, Bugly is also a complete ham. She is hysterical without trying - so I can see where it may feel like Bugly gets more attention. Skipper is very affectionate and physical - so I can see where it may feel that way with Skipper, too. I need to be reminded - often - to be more intentional with Ms. Peek. I hate this.

Double 3's but really?
I am sick of acne. Seriously isn't enough enough? I inherited horrible skin from my mom and started breaking out in 6th or 7th grade - earlier than most of my classmates. I've never had a completely clear face, with the exception of about 6 months when I tried Proactive. I was on top of the world - my skin was clear, I had a glow, I could leave the house without makeup. And then Proactive turned on me... suddenly I was breaking out in places that I didn't normally break out in. I gave it another couple of months and then tried something else from a dermatologist (Cornbread won it as a door prize). That kept my face relatively clear, but the blackheads came back in full force. Last week I bought Neutragena's kit that I suppose would be comparable to Proactive. Not so much. Really... I'm so sick of dealing with this problem - 20 years!!!! My face is beginning to scar (on my nose). I need to go to a dermatologist - but I don't know one and also I'm concerned that I will be put on meds and not sure I want to go there. Anyone have any similar experiences? Helpful hints? Referral to a dermatologist in the area?

Flylady - Day 2
Yesterday I shined my kitchen sink. Took me about 2 1/2 - 3 hours doing it the way she suggested. But it looks as beautiful as that kitchen sink could possibly look. And I think I have sufficiently scared Dave away from ever using the sink again by asking him to wipe it out any time he uses it and then scolding him when he didn't!!! (hello??? Did you not just hear me explain how much work I put into that??? And you have the nerve to leave CRUMBS on the sink wall? Actually, he was very impressed.)

Today's task was to get dressed to the shoes. I already do this everyday. I workout early in the morning and then take a shower before the girls get up, so I'm already ready by the time their day starts. I usually put slippers on, but today I put actual shoes on:) And I did my hair before coming downstairs - I usually wait until after Nora gets on the bus. So my hair was dry... and I went to wait for the bus with my cup of coffee. Skipper runs up to me and almost tackles me, causing my coffee to splash. And guess who needs to re-dry her hair?


April 12:23 PM  

I followed in suit with you and put on my shoes again (I haven't been doing that for a while) and yep, I was WAY more productive yesterday even though I have been pretty sick! I have always despised how she is right about the need for shoes to be on. I have always kept a pair of tennis shoes that I don't use outside just for the purpse of wearing them in my house. I don't always like how warm I get wearing them, but the productivity is always worth it!

Marissa 4:42 PM  

This was an awesome post! It made me laugh (I want to hang out with your kids just for the comedy of it - - reminds me of when I used to babysit the Fulmer boys). It also touched me to read about Nora and your struggle with her lying and wondering if she's feeling she's getting enough attention. Just goes to show it doesn't just automatically get easier because you're not wiping up potty messes and holding their hands all day long.

i am not 9:11 AM  

Marissa - something tells me you will have many funny stories to share as Naomi and kee-ku get older:)

Kristy 4:59 PM  

"my mom wants to die..." Oh my gosh I'm rolling!!!

The way you described your kiddo's with Georgia and Ryann getting the most attention just for their personalities and then Nora feeling left out is exactly how I would describe my kids. I don't know why it's that way,it just is and we do.. we need to be more intentional with our first borns. I hate it too.

I stay in my jammies but I do put my running shoes on..does that count?? :)

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