Thursday, July 23, 2009


I wish that over the last 4 1/2 years I had kept a very detailed journal of our EJ experience and the financial aspect of it... because it is pretty incredible. God is so evident to me in hindsight, I just wish that in the midst of despair I could see him. I am thankful that He can and WILL listen to my brattiness when it occurs and loves me despite my ungratefulness.

Last March we had gotten the letter from our mortgage company advising us that they cut our equity line down to $2500. We freaked out. Dave began kicking his own ass at work - he resolved to make 20 contacts a day and not come home until he had. He ultimately revised the goal to 100 contacts/week and a commission goal as well. He has maintained this all while continuing to only have 2 nights of appointments each week.

I'm not going to lie - it sucks a little. He's not around as much. I feel like we don't talk as much and need to have "catch-up" coffee on Sunday mornings. It has gotten better recently, but it will be like this for a very long time. Ultimately I think we are both figuring out that this is how it should have been for the last 4 1/2 years.

His income increased a little each month - not enough to come close to paying our bills, but looking promising. Last month, though (June), sucked. The worst month he had in over 6 months. Would have been fine, except that we were down to the very last couple of thousand dollars of supplemental money AND Dave's assistant left, which meant a hiring process, more hours for him since he didn't have an assistant and as we experienced that last time a decrease in income.

I had quite the talking to with God one day in the car. Yelling, crying, sobbing. Asking why. Questioning why in the world we have been tithing and giving money to the building fund if this was going to be the result. Why was Dave working so hard to not be rewarded for his efforts? We could probably get through that month, but beyond that we would have nothing left. While Dave had hope because he knew his pipeline, I had very little.

I've been praying that there would be enough oil in the jars this month and that God would fix things and bless Dave's business and turn things around. I've also prayed that the hiring process would be quick and that He would guide Dave to the absolute perfect person to work with him.

One month later (today): Dave's hard work has definitely been rewarded. He has been making money every single day. His commissions for this month are already almost double those of June and his selling month doesn't end until next Tuesday. I think we will cover our expenses for the 2nd time in 4 1/2 years this month and quite possibly will have something left over to start to rebuild our emergency fund (which, by the way, we are living examples of how important it is to have one). It is looking more and more likely that he will earn a trip - I'm asking God everyday to give him this gift (he wants to go skiing in Steamboat Springs). AND the hiring process for his BOA (Branch Office Assistant) went quicker and smoother than I could have imagined - resulting in hiring Carol!!!!!

I cannot contain my amazement and praise. I feel like I'm bursting with thankfulness and excitement for the future. I know that it is not likely that life is going to be automatically easy street from here on out, but I feel like there is definitely hope and I can identify clear answers to prayer... and perhaps I can go grocery shopping without feeling guilty.

I also feel like everything that we hoped EJ would be is finally - gradually - happening. I'm hoping to be skiing in March with a bunch of other EJ families and we're hoping to take the girls to Yosemite next July. The trips are becoming more reality than desperate wishes:)

Not only that, but Dave is forming REAL relationships with many of his clients - they invite our family over for dinner, they are becoming part of our family. And he has just hired an assistant that we know will complement his business very well and will also become part of our family (I'm basically out of my mind excited about Carol!)

God is Good. He has carried us through it all and provided oil in our jars even when we thought we'd run out. He listens and loves me even though I'm a whiney ungrateful brat. For that I am forever thankful.


Missy Eagen 10:07 PM  

big sighs of relieve and praising with you my friend :)

Marissa 7:43 PM  

That is so awesome! It's always darkest before the dawn, right?

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