Monday, January 30, 2006

On Second Thought...

Perhaps the new haircut is not as cute as I thought it was. I got my haircut on Saturday and had the girl style it. She curled it so it was flipped up and Dave really liked it - so did I. So I have tried to duplicate it, which is nearly impossible, but I tried. I got the camera out this morning (fixed the memory card reader) and took some photos of myself and learned the following:

* Do NOT leave the house without makeup on:)
* I have wrinkles and I am old
* My face IS fat - I had thought that it didn't change much during pregnancy - wow was I wrong
* The hairstyle is not as cute as Dave claims it is. To me, it looks like my hair is trying to leave my head and I have wings. Too goofy. And too much work to get it to look that way, I might add. So tomorrow, I will try a new style and if that looks just as bad or goofy, I may have to find the stylist and demand my tip back.


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