Monday, January 30, 2006

Ryann - the non-talker (1/30/06)

A few weeks ago I sent an email out to our family bragging about the few words that we've been able to coax out of Ryann's mouth. The list is as follows:

As I stated in the email, she will say them on her terms and only on her terms. she will not, I repeat, will not perform for anyone at any time. She really seems absolutely uninterested in talking. This, I think, is a curse and a blessing. Curse - all we hear is "Mom. Mom. Mom." (yes, I suppose you could include this on the list of words, but since she says it to anyone within two feet of her to get his/her attention - she does NOT say it as a way to get MY attention - I do not consider it a word, but a syllable). And we also hear a lot of grunts and groans and they're getting annoying and we don't know what she wants all the time. Blessing - we currently have only one child talking non-stop, not the possible two.

I brought Ryann in for her 20 month check up on Saturday and the doctor referred me to an early intervention program through the local health department. She seemed concerned that Ryann is not talking. The other two doctors have considered it the second child syndrome where the first child is talking for the second (which I don't believe to be the case). I haven't been worried about it up to this point because I truly believe it is a matter of her being stubborn and bull-headed and not an issue of development. She definitely does not have a hearing issue - she hears and understands everything. I can tell her to "Go get mama's orange cup from downstairs and bring it into the kitchen so I can wash it" and she will grab the correct cup from downstairs and bring it to the kitchen sink. I tell her to throw something in the garbage, she does. We told her yesterday that before she could have another piece of french toast she had to finish what was on her plate - she put all 8 bites on one fork and tried to shove them all in her mouth and then pointed at the next slice on the plate (we were laughing pretty hard at that one, by the way). So, like I said, I don't think it is a development issue. But I called the health department and they will get back to me in 10-12 days. I'm anxious to see the miracle that they will perform:)


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