Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Purple Outfit (1/26/06)

Okay - so here is the deal on the purple outfit: Of course it was Nora's purple outfit first. She wore it when she was 4 months old. Then I had put it on Ryann when she was 3 months old and looked at her and thought, "Holy cow does she look like Nora" so I took a picture and sent it out to family and friends asking them to guess which photo was of which baby. After taking the pictures, I didn't think they looked much alike - Nora had big, round eyes; Ryann had the Dykstra squinty eyes - However, many were fooled (but not my dad - he knew:) So this purple outfit has been lurking in Georgia's closet and I kept thinking that I needed to put it on her and take a picture so I can hang hers next to the other two. So i FINALLY got around to it (feel like I've been consantly 5 minutes behind schedule since we got back from Michigan this weekend). There's no guessing which one is Georgia - We will never have that problem when looking through old baby pictures. That hair - still can't get over it!


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