Sunday, May 14, 2006

6 Months

Doesn't it seem like I was just posting the 5 month pictures? It does to me...

Georgia is 6 months already!! I can't believe it. I am still amazed that she's here:) I love God's surprises.

Six Months means the following huge accomplishments:
* Being less rigid with the schedule. This mom is a schedule nazi for 6 months, then loosens up.
* Feeding schedule is now Breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. Instead of there being a feeding every 4 hours on the dot, she now eats around 8am, around 12:30ish, around 5/5:30 and around 8/8:30. This is a major accomplishment in my life - I don't feel as tied down as before.
* Feeding includes 6oz bottle, baby cereal and 1/2 jar of stage one baby food (we've gone through the vegetables and are starting the fruits now).
* Feeding herself ritz crackers and slices of bread.
* Sleep schedule is also less rigid - she naps from 10-12/12:15 and from 2ish-4:30ish or maybe we'll be crazy and she'll nap from 3-5. Who knows what mood may strike?? She is no longer taking that short evening nap - our vacation eliminated that one. And she goes to bed between 8/8:30, sleeps until 7/8am. See how loose I am with the schedule? I'm so proud of myself:)
* She consistently rolls from back to front. In fact, I can hardly get her to stay on her back. However, she doesn't consistently roll from front to back (although she is able to) and she ends up very unhappy after just a couple of minutes of being on her tummy. Still does not like extended tummy time.
* She is no longer nursing as of 2 days ago. She was very easy to wean and is doing just fine with the situation.
* She sits on her own for very short periods of time. Today she sat the longest - about 5-6 minutes - before she fell over.
* She yells when she sees her bottle or her crackers. She now knows what she wants lets us know.
* She LOVES her sisters (who, by the way, fight over who gets to play with her). She laughs at them and watches everything they do. I cannot feed her while anyone else is in the room because she gets too distracted.
* She LOVES her daddy and watches every move he makes and gives him HUGE smiles when he walks in the room (and of course his heart melts every time).
* She LOVES her Guy and tries to pet him and pull his hair. She also follows his every move.
* She likes to stroke my hair when I'm holding her over my shoulder, then ends up pulling it.
* She reaches for her sisters' hair (I try to direct her to Ryann's head since Ryann has done her share of pulling Nora's hair).
* She is fascinated by my mouth and puts her hands in it when she is facing me.
* She is fascinated by her own hands and I often catch her moving them in front of her eyes so she can look at them a little closer.
* She likes her exersaucer and is happy to play in it for extended periods of time (maybe 20 minutes at most... but thats long enough to get dinner on the table).
* She is now too big and too interested to sit in her bouncy seat.
* She loves taking a bath and being slathered with lotion afterward.
* She is still in 3-6 month clothing, but will be moving to 6-9 month pajamas soon.
* She is very interested in what is going on around her when we are in public. We tood her to church last night and she just watched everyone and smiled at everyone. While we were at Disney we rarely heard a peep from her because she was so fascinated with all that was going on. She takes it all in with a big smile on her face!
* She still loves her mom the most and makes it very clear when I walk into a room she would rather I hold her than whoever has her at the time.


kkoois 6:03 PM  

You are growing up too fast, little Georgia! And you are one beautiful little girl. What great smiles you have for the camera. I miss you (and the rest of your family, of course) so don't grow up too much more before I get to see you again!
Jana, I'm so proud of you with the schedule! I can't believe you are flexing in 1/2 hour increments - you are one laid back lady!

JD 8:45 PM  

Kim - Shut it:)

Jen 9:08 AM  

What a cutie! Love those smiles. This is one of the best ages.

And that is TOO funny. . .schedule nazi! Well, I kinda am too. . .

Doni Brinkman 7:01 PM  

What a dolly!

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