Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Singing through our year

Nora performed in her first spring musical tonight. She was wonderful and was obviously the best singer in her class AND I don't even have to tell you that she's definitely the cutest one in her class too - that goes without saying:)

In all seriousness, she did so well and I was beaming while my eyes filled with tears. She was so happy and so proud to have us visit her classroom and to see her show. I get really teary when I see her do something independent of us - independent of our family, of her role in our family. Nora is a little person and she has a life outside of our home and she is proud of who she is and what she does outside of our home - and I'm incredibly proud of her. I'm certain that every other parent in the room thought that his/her child was the cutest or the best one there, but they were all wrong - Nora most definitely wins every one of those contests:) I actually have very little knowledge of what the other kids were doing - I found myself so zoned in on her and what she was accomplishing, I didn't even see any other kids.

May I introduce to you... My Little Peek:

here we are waiting to begin - and most importantly, waving to mom and dad...

Look at how sweet Nora is. She's being quiet and waiting to start. I may not have paid much attention to the other kids, but I can tell you this - not many of them stood still like this. See - she's perfect:)

Watch the boy next to Nora, Alex. He's sweet.

He's sweet.

What?!!! What is this face?

Oh, wait. Here we go. Sweet boy once again.

She was so good! Not sure any other mother in that room was prouder than I was.

I just thought this one was hysterical with the kid in the orange crying. He cried the ENTIRE time. Not sure what he has against singing - maybe the little boy next to him is tone deaf.


Jen 7:52 AM  

Glad to know I'm not the only mom who weeps at school and church programs!

Nora is beautiful~how on earth do you keep her hair so long and nice?!

kkoois 9:14 AM  

aaawwww...sweet little nora. what a beautiful little girl she is. i felt like i could hear her singing right through my computer screen (and she was the BEST one and the CUTEST!)

Doni Brinkman 7:00 PM  

Know what a blue tooth is? They are the ear thingy's for cell phones. Well now they have them for video camaras! You could have put a blue tooth on Nora and videotaped and then you would have heard the whole group singing on the tape but NORA's voice would have really STOOD OUT. I need one of those:)

MIssy 9:56 PM  

Oh Jana, I hear you. I walked into my son's preschool room today and I don't know if there were other children there I'm just so in love with him. Everytime I think to much about my pride in my son my eyes fill right up! What a beautiful day to share with your daughter, your right she is perfect!

Janice Wiersma 9:50 AM  

I can remember thinking the very same things and having tears in my eyes, too, when you were in programs. Right up until your graduations. I still even get those feelings when I see you with your family - I'll always be that proud of you! Nora, of course was adorable! When has she not been? You live too far away, you know.

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