Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our New House

Since our friendly critters came to visit, we have had to make some changes. We were intending to delay some of these things for 6 -18 months, however, our racoon friends changed those plans for us.

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We had a few estimates done on our roof, which was in desperate need of replacing (we were going to wait until this fall). One of the roofers told me that the reason the animals were getting at the siding was because the shingles and the siding were rotting away where they meet at the corner of the roof and side of the house. So we could repair the hole, but without a new roof they would get at it again. Now I realize that this may be a roofer selling me a roof, however, we needed to do all of this work anyway - 6 months from now or now. We chose now so that we didn't have to worry about animals anymore.

We had estimates done on repairing the hole and repainting vs. replacing all of the siding. Cheaper to repair and repaint. In addition, if we repainted then we could rid ourselves of the nasty orange trim that Dave hated so much. Presenting:



Before: *Whats in the window?

After: *check out the window - he's there again:)

I know these photos don't truly show the difference, so I'll try to explain a bit.

Before: The roof was a brownish orange color. The siding was an off white/cream with a yellow tone to it. The trim was burnt orange. The gutters were brown. The brick was very obviously orange.

After: The roof now has a brownish gray color. The siding is a brownish/beige. The trim is a brownish gray (smokey). the gutters match the trim. The brick now looks more brownish than orangish.

We are THRILLED! We feel like we live in a whole new house and are so happy with the results.


Melissa :) 10:01 PM  

Beautiful! I can definitely tell the difference! It looks great! Pretty refreshing, heh? :)

Doni Brinkman 10:46 AM  

Looks beautiful Jana

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