Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2 (gone) + 1 (in bed) = 1 breathing mom

Ryann started school yesterday. She goes to preschool in the afternoon.


For Free.

Yes, for free - how awesome is that? Apparently the state believes she is "at risk" because we have 3 children under the age of 5 and has decided to pick up the tab for her preschool education - 2 full years of 5 day/week preschool. Um, hello? Thank you:)

And its not just exciting because its free, but because she is so ready for some preschool. She could be considered "at risk" because at the time that she would have soaked up all of the fun things like letters, colors, shapes, numbers, counting, etc. etc. I was dealing with a newborn, a preschooler and her - speech therapy included. I think she knows all of those things - I know she knows her colors and shapes, but knowledge of letters may be lacking... but then again it might not be, you just never know with her.

Mother-guilt really sucks. You know what it is: "I should have been able to nurse a new baby, take care of everyone, deal with my husband's new career and our financial situation AND give Ryann all of the undivided attention that her sister received at that age. I should have been able to sit down and teach her the letters and their sounds." Sigh.

But alas, Governor Blagojevich has bailed me out on this one.

So off she went yesterday to her first day of school. And she was as proud as she could possibly be to finally get to do something like a big girl - and all by herself. Mmmm. I just love her:)

And the other exciting piece of news: I drop Ryann off at noon, come home, put Georgia to bed and Nora gets on the bus at 12:30. I wake Georgia up at 2:45, pick Ryann up at 3 and Nora comes home at 3:40. Yes, that means that I get at least 2 full hours of Jana time. After feeling smothered for the last few weeks of summer, this is a really good thing.

Rod Blagojevich, you may just be my hero by the end of the year:)

P.S. You may just see me blogging a little more often now...


Heaven Sent 1:18 PM  

Congrats on being able to breathe and the free schooling. How great is that?! As far as Mommy guilt, we never think we can do enough. I know I already feel the guilt and this baby isn't even here yet. Guilt that Emma will be abandoned and guilt that this baby will never get the amount of attention Emma did. Sigh...

But these girls all had great sisters and live-in playmates...possibly the best education of all! So enjoy your 2 hours to the fullest. You have been a busy Mommy these past few years. You more than deserve some "me" (read: blogging!) time!

Mommy Brain 9:26 PM  

Awesome title!!! Enjoy your new found breathing room...let me tell you it only gets better. I've learned the secret to keeping my house looking civilized...send three kids to school! There is no one here to mess things only gets better.

amanda 10:20 PM  

God Bless Governor Blagojevich! I think that is a HUGE blessing for you guys financially that Ryann qualifies for free preschool. It can be SO expensive! I understand the Mommy Guilt, as I've had my fair share of it with having 4 kids in 6 years. But, you are a great mom to those girls and you and Dave have given them a GREAT foundation - a loving, stable what if she doesn't know her multiplication tables yet? :)

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