Friday, August 24, 2007

Updates on the girls - Part 3: Georgia

Bugly: 21 1/2 months old

Here she is - our little Bug. She's used to be a Cutie Pie, but now is a Cutie Sticky Bun (uh, cause she's ALWAYS sticky, naturally). Look at her, she looks so sweet and innocent and like she would never do anything wrong.


Oh so wrong! Looks are very deceiving in her case:) She IS sweet and adorable and innocent. But she is also very naughty and mischievous - she knows what she is doing is naughty and is not really sure that she cares.

Lately she has taken to pushing one of the kitchen chairs up to the counter and getting into whatever is on the counter. Her biggest accomplishment is when she can actually reach the basket of apples and take a bite out of each one before mom or dad catch her. She also really enjoys taking the wash cloth out of the dish water and spreading water all over the counter and the floor and herself. Or perhaps turning the dog's water dish over - or stepping in it is fine, too. Writing on the walls is not unheard of and pulling all of the books off of her book shelves is just part of life. At least the hands in the toilet has ended (mostly).

But then life also includes snuggling on the rocking chair and kisses whenever I ask for them. It includes a huge smile when I come into the kitchen for breakfast and arms reaching to me from her crib. Life includes waves in the opposite direction to say "Bye" and a tiny voice saying "Pease" when asked if she wants pretzels. She lights up when she sees someone she knows and she adores David more than anyone else on earth. She thinks she can walk on water, apparently, since she'll walk right up to the pool and step off of the edge - obviously she is fearless and has confidence that someone will be there to catch her. She starts her excited noises when she sees a strawberry or an avocado and they don't end until they are all gone.

Life is exciting and new for her - always. Everything is something to examine, touch and wonder about. Green tomatoes are obviously being grown so that she can pick them and flowers in a pot are simply there for her to remove. Nothing is off limits in her mind and luckily for her even the most simple of things is fun every time she does it - throwing herself on the pillows on the bed, for example, is as much fun the 50th time as it was the 1st time. She's not limited to simple, fun activities, though, strange things become obsessions for her. Right now she is totally obsessed with putting random toys in a basket - toys always include several balls - and carrying the basket all over the house, plopping down on the floor, taking them out and putting them back in. The basket goes everywhere - yes, everywhere - and sometimes they are big and hard to maneuver so she cries. And screams. And yells. Because she can't get the basket o' toys down the stairs. Or I have to take it out of her hands while I buckle her into her carseat. Basket must not leave her hands or her sight for even the briefest of moments or we're all miserable:)

She is constantly making noise - either babbling or singing her little Bugly songs or screaming about whatever she is obsessed with at the moment. She isn't talking a whole lot, but she can say:

Please = pease
Help = hep
Baby = Baaa-beee
All Done = Doh Doh
Woof = wff
Uh Oh
Oh No
Ow = owooooo
Thank you = Tah
Hot dog (I wish you could hear her say this and how excited she is when she sees one)
OK = ah kay

Her smile will light up a room and her energy and attitude are contagious - even at such a young age. When she catches a glimpse of someone she loves - even a picture - her whole face lights up and she smiles really big. What fun we are having with our Bugly!

Bugly and her basket of toys.


Heaven Sent 1:27 PM  

That is one great post. You are great writer!

Anyway, that smile on Miss Georgia is absolutely beautiful. You just want to hug her!

So happy to hear that there are other busy little girls out there will silly little quirks. They test your patience, yes, but the joy they bring make it oh so worth it.

Thanks for the updates. They were a lot of fun to read!

Mommy Brain 7:45 PM  

I have my own child that does not conform to social norms...they are fun aren't they?

She's too cute for words...I'd want to just "eat her up!"

amanda 4:57 PM  

She's so big, Jana!!! I remember when you were pregnant with doesn't seem possible that it's been that long. She really is stinkin adorable. :)

kkoois 7:21 AM  

wow! i can't believe how big she is! and that smile...what can you say, but ADORABLE!

all 3 girls are growing up too fast. you must make that stop.

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