Thursday, October 25, 2007

A few suggestions

Here are a couple of links that I find interesting:

1. I have been "complaining" to Cornbread about "this" for a really "long time". I had to laugh when I saw this blog as a featured blog on the blogger dashboard. It "is" brilliant!

2. We have one of these around here. And I get mad at myself everytime I look at it, because I can't stand it - but its like a trainwreck - I know I shouldn't look, but I just HAVE to - and then I regret it.

3. Cornbread received one of these the other day and it sent him into kind of a tizzy for a few hours. Annoying.

4. This drives me absolutely crazy - out-of-my-mind. Seriously. When a newspaper shows up in my mailbox and the reporter doesn't know the proper use of they're, their, or there and the EDITOR doesn't catch it, their is a problemo.

5. Thank you Doni for this one : Clearly Clockwise for me. How about for you?

PS - you've gotta keep on your toes, people! I'm a blogging maniac - 2 days in a row.


Jen 8:43 PM  

2 new posts! I almost fell off my chair!

I "hate" those church signs! I "actually" told our pastor once if we started that, I'd "leave"

Was that Passive/Agressive enough?

I saw one at the Catholic church by us that said, "Confession! Friday night, lots of booths, NO WAITING!"

amanda 9:37 PM  

OK, so I'm seriously freaked out by the dancer...she goes BOTH directions!!! What the?!?!?!?!?

Mommy Brain 10:39 PM  

Doug and I are laughing so hard! He totally sees the dancer going clockwise and I see it funny! This whole post cracks me up and gave me something interesting to do during "Bionic Woman" my quotations?

i am not 7:02 AM  

this morning (6:55am) she's going counter clockwise for me... hmmm, maybe I'm left brained after I run and right brained for the rest of the day?

i am not 7:03 AM  

Wait I'm an idiot - she's going clockwise, I'm just "dumb" and thought that clockwise was counterclockwise. "Doh"

heidi jo 10:09 AM  

you're too funny jana. :)_

i knew about your issue with proper use of words in writing - but had no idea you were this preoccupied with it! ha ha! (please be gracious when reading my blog and send me 'corrections' privately instead 'publicy.' thaks. :) ;)

(i actually feel a little sorry for the church sign people because they mean well and some clearly anti-church people are bashing their good efforts... poor folks... grace... grace... grace...) :)


Mommy Brain 8:54 AM  

We went away for the weekend with our small group and I brought the dancer out to see what everybody would see...needless to say we laughed and fought and even spun in the direction we saw the dancer. I was the only one to see the dancer counter-clockwise although my girlfriend was like Amanda and saw it both ways. My other girlfriend couldn't even leave the screen because she was so disappointed in herself for not being able to switch the dancer. It was a good time...we laughed so much. Thanks for the brainless entertainment!

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