Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Red, Anne and the strawberry

Halloween 2007

We dressed in costumes.

We had school parties.

We trick 'r treated with our friends.

We were the cutest on the block.

And there is waaaaayyyy too much candy in our house. Who made all of this up anyway?
We had fun.
I am allowing myself one piece of candy tonight - I just need to decide:
100 Grand?
What would your choice be?


kkoois 9:23 PM  

i have no doubt they were the cutest on the block! adorable!

as for the candy choice, i would line all four choices up end to end so it looked like one long piece of candy.

Jen 12:41 PM  

Jana, the costumes are so fun! The girls look like they are having fun. Did you buy them or put them together yourself? My vote on the candy: 100 Grand. I love those (my personal favorite is Take 5 but that wasn't one of your options...)

Anonymous 11:40 PM  

Very adorable! I hope they you all had a lot of fun.

As for candy choice--hands down, 100 grand. We bought 3 bags of those pre-Halloween (and not one lasted for Trick-or-Treaters...)


Mommy Brain 9:40 PM  

the girls look cute...not scary at all...take a look at what 10 year old boys look like on halloween over by me...although doing the make-up is fun! I'd try one of each, they are really small. = )

Jordan 4:49 PM  

So adorable! You have the cutest girls.

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