Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Random cuteness

I love it when I find photos on my camera that I forgot were there - or didn't know were there:)

Could someone PLEASE find a good home for this:
Its definitely questionable whether or not I still love this animal. He ran away when we dropped him off at my grandparents house over Christmas, he ran away right before I brought Ryann to preschool the week before that and for extra good measure he ripped up our bedroom carpet when I locked him in our room so he wouldn't scare a guest. He barks all afternoon - at NOTHING. Seriously, nothing. I'm pretty sick of him. But when I called Cornbread to tell him about the carpet and I explained how sick to my stomach I was, he said our options were to deal with it or get rid of him - and I just don't think I could get rid of him. Sad to say, I would miss him - I wish I wouldn't.

As per usual in our family, we have exactly FOUR pictures of Christmas 2008. We had 4 different celebrations and we still only have 4 pictures:

My Gram gave the girls such special gifts this year. She has 4 great-granddaughters (and 5 great grandsons) and she gave each one of them a baby with a multitude of handmade accoutrement... blankets, outfits, diaper bags, beds, pillows, sweaters, etc. This was such an amazing and special gift and watching my girls (and Jacilyn) open their gifts was priceless. We are loving our new babies around here (the best kind - they don't cry;)

They are fantastically beautiful and will always be special to all of us.

This is Nora's baby, Charlotte, sleeping in the bed that Gram made for her.

She has white knitted knickers, a mauve shirt dress with white cuffs and a wine colored cape and bonnet lined with furry white - and ice skates!
She also came with two other adorable outfits and a royal purple bag that matches the blanket.
This is Ryann's baby, Olivia, in her bed. She came with a fleece blanket and a matching fleece diaper bag in addition to a bag with two bottles and a feeding dish.
The diaper bag had two outfits and a sweater in it. The pink outfit, the sweater and the outfit that Olivia is wearing (including the bonnet & the booties) were all handmade by Gram.
Aren't they beautiful? I don't think you can see it in the picture... the pink outfit has star buttons and the sweater has heart buttons! She's so sweet:)
Georgia received a very similar set up as Ryann, except she got a newborn cabbage patch baby. She has been feeding her baby every morning when she wakes up and walks around the house saying "Baby?" after breakfast until someone grabs her out of her crib.

The girls love playing with them, dressing them, teaching them to ice skate, and putting them to bed at night. I love to walk into their room and see them lined up on their pillows with their blankets pulled up to their chins - sleeping peacefully. It is very, very sweet. I am thankful for a grandma who is able to do this and is thoughtful enough to put it together for her girls!

And lastly, Ryann and I had some fun with the camera. Poor Ryann has chapped lips and I can't get her to keep chapstick on them :( I just love her:)

Don't you just want to smooch her?


heidi jo 3:34 PM  

the handmade goodies for the dolls! OH HOW PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! LOVE IT! GREAT GIFT!

as to woof.. what breed is he? could it just be that he has a breed mixed in there that needs a 'job' - something that gives him lots of exercise? is he bored? our dogs weren't ones to chew up trash or the house but when we first moved and they got little outdoor time (no fence) they got so bored that they got really ornery and started tearing up our stuff! we started getting them outside for more playtime and wahlah - much better!!!

another thing you won't want to hear... yikes... is that sometimes busy dogs do better in pairs. someone to wrestle with - play with - get their energy out on... just an idea. :)

Mommy Brain 4:37 PM  

I say good-bye Woof! But I'm not real partial to animals...however, we have one. Best dog in the world, but it's just one more thing for me to be responsible for. Good luck!

Amanda 10:32 PM  

Great pics!!! Those dolls and added goodies are wonderful!
And YOU, my dear, are looking great! Just wanted to let you know! :)

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