Thursday, January 31, 2008


For those of you who are fans of this incredible show, you fully understand what a momentous day today is!

I'm very excited to sit down and watch the season premier tonight and see if our survivors get rescued.

HOWEVER, remember my memory issues? I just cannot retain detailed information sometimes... Well, I'm having a problem with LOST. I watched part of last season's finale last night and I realized that I don't remember stuff about the backstories of the characters. And I feel like there are specific details that I need to remember. For example, I remember that Sawyer knew Foxy's (aka Jack) dad, but I don't remember how or why it is significant. I know there are other cross over details like that and I just cannot remember what they are.

So my challenge to you who watch: Please give me a refresher of any back story details that you can remember. Especially anything where the characters crossed over.



Doni Brinkman 4:43 PM  

Part of the problem is we still don't know what the significance of those side stories are. Like you, I was getting reminded of stuff left and right last night. Didn't help that I was interuppted ELEVEN times for potty training. What timing!!!!! I can't wait for tonight either. And what in the heck is with this strange jump forward? Do you think it is an alternate ending that never actually happens? Was Locke right that they were NOT supposed to leave the Island and they actually DO leave but then the Lost Final episode is them all returning?????

Mommy Brain 8:47 PM  

So I'm sitting here watching LOST and I say to Doug, "I remember this feeling from last season! I'm so LOST!!!!" What is real and what isn't? Are these flash forwards real or a dream or what??? Any ideas?

Heaven Sent 11:01 PM  

Sorry. I have never watched it. I know. I am the only one in the world who has no clue...

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