Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I would give anything to know what goes through her head

Georgia has the weirdest sleeping "things" of our three girls. By "things", I mean habits, oddities, rituals - not quite sure what the definition of "things" actually is, to be honest...

I check on her every night before I go to bed. I have to. She enjoys undressing in her bed. There have been mornings that we've found her completely naked lying in a puddle because we didn't check to make sure she was clothed before we went to sleep. So I check on her every night and I dress her if necessary.

I found her like this one night:

Not sure why that hat was in her bed. Not sure why she decided to put it on, but I think she looks adorable:)
I went to get her up from her nap the other day (I have to wake her up so we can pick Ryann up from school) and clearly she had fallen asleep mid-undress:

In case you can't tell, her left arm is inside her shirt. One of her sleeping "things" is pulling her arms out of her sleeves. I noticed that she did this when she was just over a year old and we were visiting BFWW in Memphis. I tried to get her back to sleep that first night by cuddling her in bed with me. She kept pulling at her sleeves and I thought she was playing... I soon figured out that this is her falling asleep "thing". She does it every night. I've known babies that pinch their mom's arms. That need their backs rubbed. That need to be rocked to sleep. Our baby needs to pull her arms out of her sleeves. We have also found her completely balled up in her onesie - arms inside the sleeves, legs curled up inside the onesie. Totally weird, I think.

I just wish I knew what thoughts were brewing in that head of hers.

The following photos capture the reason why she has not yet been torn limb from limb by her mother. She absolutely deserves to be... She has an obsession with pouring shampoo on everything, dumping crayons all over, coloring on things she shouldn't be coloring on, and generally doing things she knows she should not be doing. I cannot keep up with her - as I clean up one mess, she is making another one. And she totally knows what she's doing. But then we get these looks and somehow we become completely disarmed:

She is the absolute definition of CHARM. She knows exactly how to give the look and when to give it. She is Big Trouble.

QOTD: What "things" do you or your kids have?


Doni Brinkman 3:14 PM  

She is so adorable I just want to kiss those sweet cheeks! The hat pictures is sooooo cute.

Kristy 3:35 PM  

Oh Jana,she is definately TOO cute for her own good. Adorable and mischievious!!! hehehe. It's funny you post about this. I made a list of pictures of 'things' my kids have done/do and wanted to post them on my blog. Check back and you can read what my kids do. Odd stuff too :)

Sarah R. (C) 9:45 PM  

Everytime I read about Georgia it is like I am reading about Luke. I love the pictures I wish I would remember to take pictures when Luke is doing his weird sleep "things" too. I have found asleep with his pumpking hat on, that I crocheted for him, many times and it just cracks me up. Good job on getting those charming looks too. Luke's new thing to tell me when he is in trouble is to tell me that he needs a hug and a kiss.
I really cannot imagine what are 2 youngest could do if they ever got together.
Great post!!

heidi jo 11:04 PM  


seth used to have to rub his nose on his pillow - back and forth - don't know why.

also, when he has jammies that don't have feet or aren't tight enough on the ankles, they would pull up and he would get SO MAD! JUST like his mama... it's why i wear footie jammies to this day. :)

Heaven Sent 8:32 PM  

So cute! That face is definitely trouble -- she will persuade many with those smirks!

Not sure Emma has too many "things" about sleeping. She needs her binkie (hopefully not for long) and blanket, and we have a "bunny" song we sing every night that is basically just me singing about what "bunny" (aka Emma) has done that day.

As far as Kendall, well, we're just trying to get her to sleep! ;)

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