Friday, February 01, 2008

I know I'm not the only one LOST

Okay, lets brainstorm some memories from the last three seasons... I will try to post some of what I remember and you other addicts please add more in the comments (Cara, this might mean that you actually have to leave a comment;)

Jack - was a doctor, dad was a drunk, wife left him because of his job (right?), was in Australia to get his father's body.

Sawyer - conman, parents were conned by Locke's dad, went to Australia to kill the man he thought conned his parents, met Jack's dad in the bar

Jack's dad = also equals Claire's father (per my sister.... I don't remember that)

Kate - thief, fugitive because she blew up her house with her stepdad in it, mother is frightened of her, previously wanted to leave the island on the raft so she could go back to running from the law instead of waiting to be rescued - now wants to be rescued - what????

Locke - conned by his father into donating his kidney, then dad left him, eventually ended up in a wheelchair because dad threw him out the window when he was confronted, couldn't kill his father on the island, found out dad conned Sawyer's parents and told Sawyer so that Sawyer would kill him. Did Sawyer kill Locke's dad? I don't remember? And how did dad end up on the island. Locke has healing powers on the island - he keeps getting killed and never dies.

Hurley - was in the mental institution before the island - WHY? One of the patients recited the numbers from the hatch over and over, also were the numbers he played in the lottery, won the lottery and life went to crap. Why was he in Australia?

Charlie - heroine addict, in a band. Was playing guitar on the street when Desmond ran out of a building after Penny

Desmond - I don't remember his backstory and why Penny is searching for him

Claire - got pregnant was going to give her baby to a couple in LA. Who else crossed into her story?

Ben - brought to the island as a boy, father worked as a janitor for the Dharma initiative, eventually gassed a bunch of people including this father, but I don't remember WHY

Juliet - fertility doctor/researcher and lured to the island by creepy guys after they had her ex husband hit by a bus, needed for her expertise because women who get pregnant on the island die

Sun - pregnant, found out that her baby was Jin's and she got pregnant on the island

Desmond - has visions of the future, sees Claire getting into a helicopter to leave the island

Okay, add to this whatever you can think of!

AND - Who do you think the Oceanic 6 are? Obviously we know Jack, Kate, Hurley (and probably Claire) - WHO ELSE?????


Mommy Brain 6:01 PM  

Ok, here is the problem with this show...I watch through your list of characters and now I'm so LOST!!!! I can't tell if I hate this show or love it?

Anonymous 8:57 AM  

Lana you need to go back and watch season 3 again. They're all online and watching them one after the other is fantastic. BTW...Jacob in the cabin WAS Jack's dad...I saw it online and they had a picture still of it.

LOST is the best show ever! And Foxy is the best ever! And I am so happy it's back on!

Kristy 12:19 PM  

LOVE IT!!! It's so validating to have our hubby's see what we go through. It's a tough and busy gig we've got huh? :) I'm so glad you got to get away for a few days!!!

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