Monday, February 11, 2008

The goodness keeps rolling in

While I was in Memphis visiting BFWW I had the opportunity to share sushi with BFWW & two of her friends, Dr. GI & Dr. Ped (I know, pretty unique names, eh?) First, if I haven't mentioned it, I LOVED my first sushi experience and have been craving it ever since. Second, these people are awesome.

Case Study #1:

Our waitress was one of these girls that spent a lot of time doing her hair and makeup. She was trendy - and she was working in a pretty trendy place. Her hair was bleach blonde and in a really cute style. Her make up was a bit over done (hasn't different color lip liner and lip stick gone out of style in the last couple of years?), but she was still cute. She was dressed in a very tight tshirt. When she left the table the first time I said - judging her appearance - "her stomach is kind of big". To which Dr. GI leaned over to his wife and whispered something about not noticing her stomach... The next time she came to the table I understood why - she had GIGANTIC breasts and she was leaving nothing to the imagination with the shirt she was wearing. But, because of my eye level, all I noticed was that her stomach was not flat enough for the tight shirt she was wearing.

So why are these people awesome? Because they weren't offended at my judgemental, sarcastic comment on our first date, made their own sarcastic comment, and laughed heartily with me when I realized why they didn't notice her stomach.

Case Study #2:
They bought me the largest piece of cheesecake I have ever had in my life. Enough said.

Case Study #3:
They have southern accents. So does BFWW, by the way.

Case Study #4:
Dr. GI read my blog and didn't know what BFWW stood for. So he did what anyone else might do - he googled it. And found the only known definition on the internet: Big Fat Wonder Woman. Thank you - I have been laughing about that all afternoon. You are. Awesome.


Jen 2:20 PM  

I have been calling her that for years! Glad to hear it's got an acronym now.

Did you end your observation of her stomach with "Bless her heart" Cuz that makes it all OK.

Mommy Brain 5:10 PM  


Anonymous 8:17 PM  

OMG that is so funny, I am laughing out loud for real at the Big Fat Wonder Woman...CC

Anonymous 5:04 PM  

true friends buy cheesecake. :) so nice. :)
heidi jo

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