Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 1 - Sunday

Sunday morning our flight left at 9:00am. After a very restless night of sleeping - the whole don't-trust-the-alarm-clock-to-wake-me-up-in-time thing - we were finally on our way to this long awaited vacation. It had been officially earned in February, location options discussed for a month and registered for on April 1st. At that time it seemed like it would never get here and all of the sudden it was time to go.

Traveling is traveling. Nothing exciting - except for the fact that Cornbread's cousin, Jen, and her family were also traveling to Mexico that morning and we happened to be a couple of gates away from them and were able to have coffee with Jen and her husband for about an hour before we left. We were VERY excited about that!

When we got off of the plane in Los Cabos/San Jose Del Cabo airport a rush of HEAT hit us. We left the house that morning in cold, dreary weather and now we were standing in HOT, HUMID, SUNNY Mexico! We claimed our luggage and were quickly in the shuttle on our way to the resort. We have been repeatedly told by other FA's that when you go on a Diversification Trip you are treated like royalty. You don't touch your luggage until you get to your room, you get special treatment at check in, etc. etc. We were definitely looking forward to the royal treatment.

And we didn't get it. Ugh:) When we got off of the shuttle, Cornbread grabbed our carry on and we were going to check in. The shuttle driver told us to leave the carry on with the luggage and head inside. Without thinking we left it. After checking in we headed to our room and actually met the bellhop right outside our door as he was about to enter the room to drop off our bags. However, he had only 2 bags - the two that we had checked - he did not have the carry on. The bag with all of our money. We told him that there was one more bag and he said he would figure things out. We opened the door ready to enter paradise... and found a housekeeper mopping the bathroom - because the toilet had broken and overflowed. Great.

This trip was off to a fantastic start.

We went back to the lobby to talk to someone about our carry on and to wait for the room to get ready. And this was the view that we had while we were waiting:
Amazing. But were so stressed about that missing carry on, that we didn't truly enjoy it until later.

We were assured that they would find our bag and sent back to the room. By this point I had to go to the bathroom so badly so I walked in, went straight to the bathroom and the toilet was filthy - like really gross. And then when it was flushed water rushed out of the back of it. So we were back on the phone telling them that we could not stay in that room. We got a new room, our bag was dropped off and all of the tension left. We were finally ready for vacation - for two hours, though, we were quite disappointed in our vacation;)

We changed and went down to the pool where we met up with Cornbread's roomate from all of his training in St. Louis 3-4 years ago. He and his wife are super nice, but let me tell you - this girl does not stop talking! As nice as she is, she was a little exhausting for me LOL! We grabbed some lunch and hung out for the afternoon. The pool felt so nice in the 100 degree weather. Everything was beautiful - several pools, a beautiful ocean/beach, palm trees everywhere and sun! This was pretty much everything we had hoped for and we basically stopped thinking about anything for the rest of the trip.

Dinner was provided by EJ and was a big Mexican buffet on the Whales Terrace overlooking the ocean. And it wasn't burritos, fajitas or tacos, but shrimp, octopus and salads. It was delicious! We sat with Cornbread's roomate and his wife and two other FA's who had met on a previous trip and decided to each do this trip solo and hang out together - Kevin & J. Twidd (Jennifer). We hit it off with Kevin and J. Twidd right away and were excited to have some cool people to hang with throughout the week (I'm not bragging or anything, but lets be honest - not all financial advisors are as cool as us - as we would find out even more throughout the week;)

We also enjoyed the roomate's attempt at convincing the waiter to bring him 12 beers to bring back to his room (there was an open bar during the dinner and he was hoping to score some free beer for the rest of the week). He tried tipping the guy, he tried sweet talking him, he tried everything he could think of. He even thought he had gotten a deal worked out at one point and assured everyone at the table that it was happening - and then the waiter brought him 12 beers with the caps off and limes sticking out of the top. It was definitely one of those "you had to be there" moments;)

After dinner we went back to our room to unpack and go to bed. With the exception of a couple of hours in the middle, it was a good, good day. We were happy. We had no responsibilities for a whole week and nothing to think about. Cornbread was not going to think about the market and the tanking that was happening before we left. No stressing about his clients and their retirement accounts. This week was about leaving that all behind and hanging out together.


heidi jo 6:18 PM  

an exciting experience indeed! can't wait to see morepictures... sounds beautiful and relaxing. OH SO NICE!

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