Wednesday, October 29, 2008


On Monday morning we both had meetings to attend so we got up early to workout in the fitness center. We were a bit disappointed that there weren't running trails on the property, but given the heat at 6:30am it wasn't such a bad thing. We got to the gym and it was closed - didn't open until 7 - so we left to take a walk. It was still very dark so we weren't totally feeling comfortable, but it was what it was. After 5 minutes we heard someone calling to us - an employee of the resort was chasing us and told us that they'd open the gym for us. Rock on - so we followed him in and he made us fill out a form. I soon realized that the form was a bill - we were being charged $10/person/day to use the fitness center. What? I was aggravated, but we continued on. Another guy walked in right after us and didn't have to complete the form - I asked him if he had to pay and his response was, "I'm with another group and we have a deal worked out." Then this: "And you should thank me because if it weren't for me, they wouldn't open the gym early." So I promptly got down on my knees and kissed his feet - jerk. It turns out that the fees were waived, but it was kind of annoying;)

The other annoying thing was that it was so hot there that after working out and showering we could not cool down. We went to breakfast (EJ provided buffet) and I had sweat pouring down my back and my face in the air conditioned room. I HATE that!

Our meetings were both done by 11am so we changed and went down to the pool. It was soooo hot and the pool felt awesome! We hung out by ourselves for a while and decided to go into Cabo San Lucas in the late afternoon and for dinner. Monday night was going to be the only night that we had to pay for dinner because we had been invited to go out for dinner one night with the General Partner that was hosting the trip and another night with a wholesaler that was hosting the trip. So we decided to celebrate our anniversary in Cabo, but needed to do some shopping around before dinner (our suitcase broke and we needed to buy a new one before we left).

We took the 4:00 shuttle into town (about 20 minutes) and set out to explore Cabo. We walked almost the entire city and were sweating like pigs. At that point, I decided that sweating was just a way of life there and I needed to get over it. I wasn't the only one who was going to smell by the end of the day! We went through a bunch of the market shops, said No to all of the vendors even when they were asking us to make them a deal, and finally found the one store in the city that sold luggage. They weren't open later that night and we didn't want to drag it behind us all night so we decided to come back later in the week.

We set off for our dinner reservations. We had decided to go to a restaurant called Edith's - one of the spouse's had recommended it in my meeting that morning. By that time we were exhausted - we had been walking the city in the 100 degree heat for 2+ hours. We finally found the restaurant after walking up a super steep hill, looked at the menu and realized that it was WAY out of our price range so we left to find another restaurant that people had recommend, The Office.

The restaurant is right on the beach - our table was in the sand. It was awesome to be able to sit down and take my flip flops off and put my feet in the sand right at my table. Other diners would leave their tables to take a quick swim in the ocean and then come back. It was pretty cool. Until the mariachi band showed up. I really hate that - the whole being serenaded thing. I especially hate it when they won't leave even though you've asked them to. But they did a mexican version of an Elvis song per Cornbread's request (I hate Elvis) and he tipped them and they went on their way.

After dinner we decided to walk the beach instead of the streets to get back to the shuttle. Our shuttle wouldn't be there until 9:00 so we had lots of time. We walked for a while and sat for a while. We stared at the water and the sky for a while and just sat there and talked. We eventually got up to find the shuttle, got back to the resort and went to bed. We were exhausted!


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