Thursday, October 09, 2008


Thats how I've been feeling about blogging lately. Wondering if I'm going to even continue.

Here is your opportunity to convince me to continue blogging and to provide me with suggestions on what to blog about. I need some inspiration - inspiration to continue and if I continue I need some inspiration on what to blog about.




Doni Brinkman 1:01 PM  

Hi Jana! I still tune in. I don't have any "inspiration" to suggest but know that you are loved. :)

Mommy Brain 3:37 PM  

I come visit every day too...if that means anything?

Kristy 8:09 PM  

I'm a pretty basic blogger & just post pictures of my kids & a tidbit about them. I do it more so I'll remember,than for anyone else. If anyone sees/reads/posts then all the more better :) I say keep it and post more pictures :)

Jen 10:08 PM  

I like your honest comments about life. Your thoughts that people think but don't share. Thoughts that others change just to please who they are talking to.

Were you going to do an online bookclub?

Missy Eagen 5:13 PM  

Ditto to the above and I get it... I'm there to, kind of a blog desert, not sure where to go, what to do but decided to 'refresh' a bit and just put it out there. Hopefully it won't be to painful! LOL

Anyway my vote is don't go away....

heidi jo 5:50 PM  

hear hear to doni's words! :)

i have felt the same way about blogging at times - especially in dry spells when there don't seem to be many readers. but then i ask myself "who am i doing this for?" originally it was for family we live far from, but then it seems they don't 'need' it as much as i thought they did (or they'd read more!) ha!

then i went back to the basics. i write for me, sometimes for interaction, but mostly to collect family information in a digital way instead of a paper way. sure, i might print my blog to book one day but i won't have to worry about needing all those scrapbooking tools or taking on one more messy project i don't have space for.

so, my only thoughts are to reconsider why you do it and whether or not it fulfills what you want it to.

for the record, I ENJOY READING YOUR BLOG!

Jen 1:29 PM  

I like reading it too! You have a great writing style that I enjoy reading.

I still blog b/c I enjoy writing and it's a outlet for me. My biggest problem lately is many people who are real-life friends don't agree with lots of what I believe in and it's very very hard to write your opinion about things without coming across in a way you didn't intend.

Do one of those 10 straight days of blogging to see what you can come up with.

April 9:49 PM  

I love your perspective on life. You always make me think so I am thankful for all that you have done out here! I hope you keep on even though I don't comment often. The whole RSS thing has been so nice for reading though!

Melissa :) 5:03 PM  

I think you should keep blogging. :)

Everyone enjoys what you blog about, including me!

If you enjoy it, is the question. Good luck! :)

Jordan 9:35 PM  

You are a good writer and it is good to practice that talent-- especially if it gives you a sense of joy to look back on completed work. I'm sorry that I am not super-faithful about reading here more. I find I spend too much time on the computer as it is.

What to write about> Definitely family updates, cause you'll want those in 10 years, but also your spiritual journey.

Love you Jana!

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