Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A few random stuff running through my head right now:

* reading Abba's Child by Brennan Manning - actually just picked it up again after not being able to get to it all through December. In a word: Awesome. Today's little section talked about the inner child vs. the pharisee. Basically being in tune to the inner little child = fully trusting God. Well, who doesn't struggle with that? Because I do... somehow I have learned more and more of this last year, however, it still comes back to me and my control issues. Anyway, the part that struck me and that I'm thinking about this morning is that being in tune to the inner little child would = being open and free with your emotions and how you feel about other people. Gosh, really? So here's why I'm thinking about it... I feel so much love and affection and fondness and gratitude toward so many people in my life. I intuitively want to tell them, but defensively I won't do it because I think it freaks people out to get messages like that... I think I scared off many potential boy friends who could have eventually turned into boyfriends because I gave them some kind of note or card telling them about my affection and fondness... I didn't have feelings for these people, just genuinely loved them and was thankful for them as friends of mine. But alas, boys don't deal well with that kind of stuff, do they? Probably why Dave and I are together because he DOES do well with it.

* I was supposed to start a new job this morning, but there was no work to be done. So I'm bummed - I got a taste of it last night and it was fun. New job = buying tickets for a ticket broker and getting a share of the profits. There's more that goes into it, but thats the gist of it and last night I bought some SanDiego Chargers tickets and pretty much sucked at it, but there was an adrenaline rush like that which one would have when last minute bidding on an ebay auction.

* I gained 5 lbs since Halloween. Man, I suck:) Between candy, dinners with the in-laws, thanksgiving, BISCOTTI, and Christmas treats lavished upon us by Dave's clients I was screwed - I had no chance whatsoever. So I gave in and decided that if I was going to gain weight over the holidays then I was going to enjoy it. And I did. Very much. But now I'm hungry:(

* Dave and I are running a half marathon in Indy in May. Training started yesterday - I can run again! I mean I CAN run, but since I haven't run since September I suck. But I can run! So excited about that.

* Was thinking about going vegetarian, but ultimately decided that I'm just not sure I can completely give up chicken, fish and turkey. But I definitely can give up red meat. Really its more of an issue of needing to add more vegetables into my day. I can do good on fruit, I do pretty well with fiber, but I need more vegetables. And I don't eat much protein throughout the day, so I'm going to figure out how to cook lentils and beans and stuff. I really like that stuff anyway so it won't be hard to eat, just figuring out shopping and cooking them.

* Dave and I are going on a Jones trip to Steamboat Springs, CO in March. I'm giving up sugar at least until then. Need to lose at least these 5 lbs and hopefully more. 11 weeks until Steamboat! Oh my, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

* Instead of doing the 80/10/10 thing, we decided to be super aggressive in paying off debt. We don't have a ton of it, fortunately, but we want to get rid of it all a la Dave Ramseyish style. We're incorporating his priciples, our life and the 80/10/10 idea to create our own plan. I made a poster. Because I'm a dork... but I love it:)

* Nora turns 8 tomorrow! She's awesome. Because of the above, I'm trying to keep her entire birthday at $100. I thought that would be pretty easy, but then children's place went and put jeans and stuff on sale. Jerks:) So now insteadof $100, I'm down to $50 for gifts (the clothes will be wrapped as a gift, but really who gets excited about that when you're 8?), school treats, and a Mcdonalds happy meal. I think I'll be okay - one advantage to having all grandparents out of state is that they send gifts to be opened on the birthday... so our birthday girls end up feeling like they're getting a lot and aren't being gipped by mom and dad:)


April 12:23 PM  

For an easy protein have you tried using the ARIA protein powder at Trader Joes? It is low carb, no bad stuff in it, affordable and great protein. I use it every day for a breakfast smoothie and sometimes in the day for one of my snacks. Might be a way to get it in without having to eat a lot of meat. There are 17 servings in each 9.99 can.

Brenda B 1:31 PM  

Five lbs is not too bad and I know you'll loose it fast but the withdrawls are a drag.

See...I think I could give up chicken, turkey and fish but man I love steak. I've been trying to embrace a new line of thinking that I can have meals that don't include meat - I also have high cholesterol so I need to control my meat especially my meat portions. I've been on too many "diets" that emphisize protien protien protien and i think that has gotten my thinking and my intake off. What I really need is vegetables... vegetables... vegetables and some fruit.

I haven't reviewed the Dave Ramsey plan but I saw that his infomercial ran all day new year's day. I/we unfortuanatly have a lot of debt that we desperately need to get out of. If you want to share/blog about what you're doing I'd be more than interested.

I bought jeans at Children's place when they were on sale too. :)

Happy Birthday to Nora - Keeping Birthday expenses under $100 is very hard to do. I'm sure she'll feel blessed though. I know you'll make her feel special.

Thanks for sharing your randoms.

Skooks 4:28 PM  

April has a good idea with the protein powder. Smoothies, in general, are an awesome wat to get more fruit and veggies in the ole diet. Nate and I have been using the Designer Whey stuff for a long time (different flavors too . . . like chocolate!)

Nate told me yesterday that he wants to run a marathon. I told him to go for it! He's not a runner at all and I'm not sure he completely grasps what would go into it with the training. Tips as you go would be nice. :)

Amy 8:39 PM  

So excited you guys are going to try a half marathon. I am running a 5k two weeks from Saturday. Then hope to a half marathon in Portland in either May or June. Let me know how training goes for you guys. I am doing the bulk of my running outside even in the miserable cold Pacific Northwest rain (gets me out of the house at least and running up and down real hills) and weights/cross training at the gym.

Good luck with your Dave Ramsey thing. We LOVE Dave Ramsey...probably saved our marriage. And helped us get debt free and pay for Rob's sem. education in cash as well as our last two vehicles. The principles are so simple.

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