Sunday, October 15, 2006

11 Months

Our little Bug is 11 months old - wow! That means she's almost a year:) I know that sounds really stupid, but holy cow, she has grown up so fast!

She is really becoming a little toddler now. She isn't walking yet, but she is getting into everything and playing with big toys and tries so hard to be a part of what the big girls are doing. She is adorable:)

Every morning she wakes up, stands up and looks out her bedroom door and yells for us to come and get her. And no one had better dare walk past that door without coming in to get her, or we'll all hear about it! She definitely has figured out how to make herself be heard in the midst of the other chatterboxes in our house...

Off to breakfast we go. She gets a bottle and whatever else I can think of to feed her. For a while it was toast with baby food on it, but she got sick of that, right now she likes gerber puffs with some rice krispies. She soon gets sick of sitting in her chair, though, and starts yelling to get out so she can explore. She may go right for Woof's water dish (if we haven't put it on the counter yet) or the tupperware cupboard or maybe the refrigerator magnets. All occupy her for a good amount of time before she's off to find something else to do or look at (or put in her mouth).

Throughout the morning she makes her rounds between getting in on the big girls' action and trying to find out what I'm doing. She often takes a detour into one of the bathrooms so she can look in the toilet and hopefully splash around in the water for a while... and when I catch her she gets very mad that I put the lid down:)

At 10:00 she seems like she's ready to keep going, but as soon as she sees her crib those tiny hands immediately go to her eyes and they begin to rub - like magic: See the crib, rub my eyes, get my pacifier and listen to Baby Tad as I drift off to sleep...

By 12:15/12:30 she is awake and having fun in her crib. The door is closed, so its almost as if she doesn't know that other people are walking around not getting her out of the crib. As long as that door is closed, she's okay playing by herself in the crib. I usually go in to get her and find all of her toys and pacifier on the ground, since throwing things on the ground is a fun, fun game right now! We go downstairs for some lunch with the big girls... they get good lunches, she's stuck with a bottle, some cut up vegetables and cut up fruit, maybe some cheese to go with it, but nothing exciting yet like yogurt or pb&j.

After lunch she plays like a champion. She is so flexible - going along with whatever we decide to do - play inside or play outside, go away or stay home. Whatever we do, she doesn't care as long as she can watch what is going on around her. She is very, very observant and if we go away she is content to sit in her stroller and people watch. She, herself, is fascinating to watch.

By 3:00, but usually around 2:30 she is back down for her afternoon nap. She sleeps, then until I wake her up at 5/5:15. She loves to sleep:)

And the rest of the night is filled with normal little kid routine stuff... dinner (same as lunch, but usually some of what we're eating, too), perhaps a bath, some playtime, then jammies, books and bed. She is in bed by 8/8:30 and then we start all over again the next morning.

She is so fun. She loves to get my attention with a smile. She claps, she does So Big, she says Mama & Dada, she yells, she chatters (a lot), she shakes her head, gives kisses, waves hi and bye, says Boo and buh bye, climbs the stairs, cries when she decides she's done upstairs and wants to come down, she plays with the dog food, she pulls Woof's hair, she giggles at Nora and yells at Ryann (with good reason), she LOVES the Fulmers, but is absolutely smitten with David. She is truly delightful and will be toddling around the house before we know it.

We love our bug and are loving the emerging personality that we are seeing every day. We were scared when we found out that I was pregnant, but our family would simply not be complete without Georgia. We love our Bug!

Here I caught her mid-nosewrinkle:
Her new favorite upstairs past-time: playing the piano:
Oh, but we cannot forget how much fun it is to dump the dog food on the floor - poor Woof!
Doesn't she look like a little girl in this one - the way she is sitting?


kkoois 4:42 PM  

wow! 11 months already! the time has really flown by.

she really is looking like a "little girl" instead of like a baby. can't wait to see her!

missy 9:10 PM  

what a sweetie!!!!! I just want to pinch those cheeks :)

11 months, seems like not to long ago you were telling us you were pregnant, has it been that long since we started that yahoo group???

melissa :) 10:27 PM  

She is sooooooooo cute. I soooooooo want her to join my family. :)

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