Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm wiped!

We had such a fun, busy weekend and we're all completely wiped out:)

This weekend we celebrated my family's summer birthdays (grandchildren). A couple of years ago we had a picnic as a family and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it every year to celebrate the summer birthdays*. It is so much fun!

I can't imagine a better weekend. The weather was gorgeous, the Tigers were playing in the playoffs so we listened to baseball on the radio (and they won - so they're moving on), the kids are old enough to play together without much supervision, there were hamburgers, chips, and brats, and we were all together as a family for longer than two hours.
Dave, Mike and the kids played ball, Cara and I pushed Georgia and Andrew in the swings (Georgia swang for the first 1 1/2 hours we were there), Ryann played in the dirt and we just had the best casual non-structured time. It is so nice to not have every minute of the day planned out and nothing to do, but go home. And I love my family:)

Then on Sunday we went to a company bbq at a pumpkin farm and just really enjoyed our afternoon together as a family. The girls had their faces painted (Nora was a kitty and Ryann was a puppy), pet the animals, Nora held a bunny and then they played and played and played in the playground which had a bunch of little farmhouses and a slide. They played so much and we all were exhausted when we got home... There is a photo album of our afternoon on the left sidebar.

Yesterday I painted my kitchen so I didn't do laundry. Today I have laundry to do:) And tonight we're going out for our anniversary - 8 years today. Someday maybe this marriage thing will be hard, but as of right now the last 8 years have been a truly fun journey. Someday I will expound on my extreme good fortune in marrying Dave, and what a phenomenal husband, father and man he is, but for now all I need to say is that I love him and wouldn't ask for anything more - I am truly, truly blessed.

*A little background: I grew up in Michigan and my parents still live there. My sister and her family live in Detroit, so going back home is a good meeting place. Since her children are born in August, December, December and July and mine are born in January, May and November it is too difficult to go to GR for every birthday - if we did that we'd be traveling every couple of weeks during November - January - so we do two birthday parties a year - a summer party and a winter party. The summer party has now become the summer birthday picnic, which is what we did this weekend.


Amanda 11:37 AM  

Happy Anniversary Dave and Jana!!!! :)

kkoois 5:36 PM  

happy anniversary!

glad to hear you had such a great weekend.

Missy 9:33 PM  

Happy Anniversary, many blessings to both of you and may your heart continue to dance with one another!

Sounds like you had a great weekend. It can be exhausting but so worth it!

Mommy Brain 7:00 AM  

Happy Anniversary! Really cool pictures...how'd ya do that?

Heaven Sent 1:29 PM  

Happy Anniversary! Funny how I can't remember what day it is today, but I remember your anniversary is on Oct. 10. Of course, that's because of Jeff's bday, but whatever.

Hope you guys had a great anniversary! Sounds like your weekend was a celebration in itself. There is nothing better than quality time with your family. It can truly make a mama's heart overjoyed!

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