Monday, October 02, 2006

The unveiling of the hair

On Saturday morning I got my hair cut and colored. A friend of mine is going to a cosmotology school in our area which means that it is CHEAP. And she is good. So good, in fact, that she has been invited to work for some major hair/color lady in NY, NY. So my girl, Jess, is leaving me and is moving to NY in the spring. I think Jess is pretty well-known in her school for her coloring skills and I LOVE what she did with my hair.

This summer I had her color my hair for the first time - ever. I mean, I am 30 and I had never colored my hair (with the exception of my brief trials of Sun-In in high school). So I went from dark blonde to blonde this summer. Saturday, though, I wanted to add some of those trendy, cute stripe highlights - and I got them!!! She did 2 different colors and so many people walked by and told her what an awesome job she did and how cool the colors are. And now I am BLONDE!! Wow - I'm really blonde. Dave said he couldn't find me at church because its so different.

So here's the deal with the photos... I took them of myself by setting the timer and sitting in front of the camera. I took many, many photos and learned a lot while doing it:
1) My left side is my better side
2) I look the best (according to me) when my head is tilted down and to the right
3) You can't get an accurate idea of the colors based on the pictures
4) the hairstyle is not much different, but I still like it a lot.

and here is the biggest thing I learned...
5) I guess I was never so unhappy with my hairstyle as much as my hair color. While looking at photos with the girls yesterday I kept cringing at the drab, unexciting blend of blonde and brown that my hair had become. This blonde/stripe is definitely exciting me... The hairstyle is pretty much the same as I have worn it for years, but the color is amazing (for me:)

So here you go:



And just because me and Nora had so much fun taking our own pictures:

Oh and again - I felt like the smiles were exploding off of my face... man! I need to do something about that.


kkoois 9:05 AM  

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! The color looks great on you! It lights up your face. Can't wait to see it in person. But, now you have to find someone else who will do your color for cheap since your girl is moving.

And that picture of you and Nora is adorable. Definitely frame-worthy!

kkoois 9:09 AM  

And you've got flippies!!! Yeah!

melissa :) 9:46 AM  

Vavavavoom! It's just super! And not to be tacky (yea, right), but the lighter color makes you look younger! That's funny of me to say, because you are so young! LOL! Love the bangs too. And the flippies!! Glad you had mucho success. :)

Jen 11:59 AM  

Wow! It's looks awesome! Definitely brightens up your face. Love it. Now come do mine.

heidi jo 12:26 PM  


yup - the little flip up is great and the bangs just barely falling forward - oh so nice!
heidi jo

Amanda 9:18 PM  

Woo hoo! Hot mama! :) Jana, it looks great. Isn't it awesome what a little cut/color can do for you? You look gorgeous, dahling!

Kary 10:29 PM  

FUN~you wear it well!!!

Mommy Brain 8:36 AM  

Totally Awesome! I love the new look HOT!

Missy 1:34 PM  

I love it, the flips, the color, and yes frame that pic of you and nora :) precious

Heaven Sent 11:07 PM  

Looks great! Totally lights up your face (and those smiles!) And you look so thin! You are one hot mama these days!!

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