Monday, October 02, 2006

Homecoming 2006

My first homecoming. I stormed the Queen's car, ripped the tiara off of her head, threw it on the ground and screamed "It was supposed to be me!" All the while trying to keep my tube top covering what it should be covering (which is difficult since I don't have anything to hold it up) and my pants from showing crack. I was pretty successful in those endeavors... not so much in being the coolest kid at school.

As I came back to reality, I realized that homecoming is not so special. In fact, it was kind of boring and really cold and I was pretty sick of the bundled up ball on my lap that had no intention of being satisfied with either standing up or sitting down.

Nora had a blast and even attempted a few cheerleading moves to my chagrin. I had to stop her from doing a pyramid, but other than that she was good. Ryann was mostly concerned with what kind of snacks she could find in the diaper bag. And Georgia, well, lets just say she was unsatisfied with whatever I was trying to do. I was very fortunate to have wonderful friends with me who love my children (and me) enough to help out with them. They also helped with the 1/2 mile walk to and from the car, which was sooooo appreciated. All in all we had fun, but it was the last football-game-in-the-cold that I will attend this year.

As for the homecoming part... There were floats: The freshmen won with their "We're going to grill the Steelmen" float - a huge webber grill with proportionately huge ketchup and mustard bottles. The Sophomores had a horrendously bad tidal wave that required absolutely no creativity whatsoever and their theme was "We're going to wipe out the Steelmen". The Juniors brought us a giant toilet with several almost naked boys hanging around it with plungers shouting "We're going to flush the Steelmen" and the Seniors had "Steelmen on the Menu" along with a can of soup. It was interesting. It was also interesting that the cheerleaders did a giant cheer during halftime which not one person could hear.

And it was fascinating to watch high schoolers try to remain cool while dressed in almost nothing in the 40 degree drizzling weather. Coats people. Coats.

But the best part of the night (besides when I left) was when the announcer said (very seriously), "Ladies and Gentlemen - take a look! The BALL is exACTly at the midpoint of the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He was very excited and I was even more excited when he had the opportunity to say it a second time - I mean really, how many times does a ball land EXACTLY at the midpoint of the field? We saw it TWICE - and I only stayed through halftime. I should have played the lottery that night.


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