Sunday, December 10, 2006

Birthday Boy

Today The Woof turns 7. He almost missed his 7th birthday by 5 days since he ran away on Tuesday and I refused to go look for him. Luckily for him, I was staring out the front window and saw him run across the street. Not so luckily for him, he woke up this morning and received a jester collar and jester paw bands.

Happy Birthday Woof/Brady/Guy/Dopey/Wooda Wooda/Fuzz/Fuzzer/Dumbass/Barkley/Sir Barks A Lot/Big Guy/Boy/Brader/The New Poodie!

Please stop taking my picture.

Really? Another one?

Dude - seriously, I'm pretty sick of this. Leave me alone.

I've been around here for 7 years and The Lady still bugs me...


melissa :) 8:17 PM  

Awwwwwwwwwww, happy birthday Woofie! :)

Amanda 9:27 PM  

Happy Birthday Woof!!! BTW: What are jester collars and paw bands? They sound painful! :)

i am not 10:22 PM  

Jester collar and paw bands... A collar that looks like a Jester's collar - you know with the triangles hanging off and each triangle had a jingle bell on it so if - IF - he walked he would jingle. Paw bands are the same thing but miniature to put around each "wrist". (I think they were made for a much smaller dog and didn't fit him so we returned them already this morning). Lets just say he was not amused... Every year I get him some kind of goofy Christmas collar for his birthday and every year he gives likes me even less than the year before:)

heidi jo 5:40 PM  

let's see a picture!

i am not 6:07 PM  

Heidi - I most definitely took pictures, however, the collar was too small and he has soooo much hair right now that you couldn't even see it in the photo. The paw bands were also covered with hair and barely visible. He needs a haircut badly - maybe if I had waited to put it on him until after a haircut we would have gotten the desired result. Lucky for him I've been lazy about bringing him to the groomer:)

heaven Sent 10:15 PM  

Happy Birthday Brady! You are much bigger than when I first met you... and don't let your Mom cut those curls. They are too cute!

JCarey 4:58 PM  

Bridget just Loves your woof.

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