Friday, December 08, 2006

Just so you know...

I am pleased to announce that as of Wednesday, December 6, 2006 we have a new member of the "I go potty on the potty" club. It took all of 6 hours, about 20 m&m's, a couple of peanut butter cups, 2 suckers, lots of juice and water and no clothes on bottom for Ryann to figure things out.

We have had three very good days so far. We are currently dealing with one pretty normal potty training issue, but I'm certain that will resolve itself within the next week or two.

She's such a big girl:)


Mommy Brain 5:49 PM  

Congratulations!!! I am so jealous!!! Would you teach Wesley too??? Pretty please???

Jen 9:53 PM  

Yeah Ryann! Isn't is wonderful to where big girl panties?

Jen 9:53 PM  

Wear. I do know how to speak proper.

melissa :) 9:07 AM  

Oh yeah! Good girl Ryann! However, if I find out you are already sticking Georgia on the potty too, I'm heading right over there to talk to you! ;)

kkoois 9:11 AM  

way to go, ryann! and yeah for potty treats!

Heaven Sent 10:13 PM  

Great job, Ryann.

And Mom, only one diaper to change now... enjoy it! :)

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