Monday, December 04, 2006


In response to a couple of requests:

BFWW does indeed mean Best Friend in the Whole World. Kim is not only my Best Friend Forever, but is my BFWW Period. That is the final word on that - there is and will be no other - ever.

Recipe for Corn Casserole:

Cream Cheese - however much you desire
Creamed corn
Butter - again, however much you desire.

Cook until yummy (not the bird, but the taste). Send leftovers to me:) Please realize that the more cream cheese and butter and the less creamed corn you include, the yummier the corn casserole. Heck - who needs corn... and who needs to cook it. Just take out a package of creamcheese, slather some butter on it and enjoy;)

Recipe for Applesauce Souffle
Same as above, but substitute applesauce for the creamed corn and include sugar. Instructions are the same.

Enjoy - let me know if you like it as much as I did:)


Carol 10:56 PM  

mmm...just finished me off some cream cheese with butter, now i'll be rollin' up to bed. night-night.

kkoois 3:50 PM  

i will post the real recipes on my blog soon. until then i hope you all enjoy your buttered cream cheese...

Heaven Sent 12:49 PM  

Thanks for answering my question. My anal nature does not like the lack of specified amounts in the recipes though. Must have specifics! :)

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