Friday, March 23, 2007

2007 Spring Fling - Part I

Nora's preschool had their Spring Fling on Wednesday night. She has been so excited about this for the last few weeks - she asked every night if it was her spring fling that night.

In a nutshell it is a preschool fashion show/singing show. The kids chose an outfit that they wanted to wear and then modeled them on a runway for all of the families to enjoy. After the fashion show we were treated to 4/5 year olds singing fun spring songs like "You Are My Sunshine" and "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".

I have a few thoughts on the whole thing...

First - parents of preschoolers are absolutely crazy. This thing began at 7pm at a local country club. We were told to get the kids there by 6:35pm. We showed up at exactly 6:35 and almost every table was taken (it was a banquet room of round tables). I guess its fairly obvious that I'm a first time parent of a preschooler since I didn't show up at 3:30 that afternoon to reserve my seat. We got the very last table in the back of the room and could hardly see Nora and Olivia as they modeled their clothes. I took a picture, but it is so dark and blurry because I had to fully zoom in, that you can barely figure out which one is Nora and which one is Liv.

Second - who thought it was a good idea to put the cookies/goodies in a basket on each table BEFORE the show even started - like 20 minutes before the show started? We had Ryann, Georgia and Cornbread at our table in addition to PD, her husband and her three other kids (boys 11 & 8, girl 16 mo). It is not a huge stretch of the imagination to figure out how long those cookies lasted. That was brilliant. The only reason Nora and Liv even got a cookie was because PD stole the basket off of the table next to us after they left.

Third - I have to come back to the craziness of preschool parents. They videotape, they stand up right in front of you so they can get the perfect angle, they have absolutely no sense of courtesy to anyone around them because they are trying to see their baby up there. Drives me batty. (I will point out that PD was not doing this, in case you're wondering).

Fourth - perhaps the school people should have checked the sound system before the show to make sure it was working. We hardly heard any of it.

Fifth - I feel really bad for the country club staff that had to clean up after we left. I heard that there was another program the next night so everything had to remain the same as when we got there. These poor people had quite a job to do at our table - vacuuming under the table and chairs. Between Ryann and Georgia there were at LEAST two smashed easter cookies that had been ground into the carpet - you know, the kind of easter cookies with the pink and green frosting? Yeah, that would be a nice thing to clean off of carpet, right?

Tomorrow you will be treated to Part II of the Spring Fling - observations specifically about my kids.


Jen 7:54 PM  

I SO hear you! Things like this are why I adore my preschool. We do huge things like a 7 minute Christmas program with each child having 1 line. And that was it. Pure brilliance.

Caroline went to a preschool that had parents much like you describe. I spent most of the year wanting to poke my eye out with something sharp. When they wanted me to kick in $30 to HIRE an Easter bunny for the Easter party I decided I was DONE. Caroline skipped that particular party.

Mommy Brain 8:14 PM  

Doug's comment about the preschool Jed went to last year, "This place requires more commitment than college!"


mrseagen 9:03 PM  

yes, yes and yes, did I agree to everything said :)
hockey mom's rank up there with dancers moms!

heidi jo 10:37 PM  

oh my gosh these comments are so funnny!!!! who'd have thought? jana,i bet i'd be one of those moms who didn't care about getting in the way when it was time to take pictures of my DARLING seth! ha ha ha! you'd be right behind me saying "OH NO YOU DON'T HEIDI JO! I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU BECOME ONE OF THEM! DON'T DO IT!!!!" ;)

sounds like a CRAZY night! and i'm with you - i feel SO sorry for the staff who had to clean up! oh my...

April 9:04 AM  

You know I curious about the rest of your thoughts on it. We actually haven't sent our kids to any preschools (except a little informal one at my sisters every other week)and really don't know that I will even with my two boys.

I wonder if they parents that are so busy video taping actually have a chance to really enjoy the moment? We have a video camera, but I really don't like hiding behind it because then I can't enjoy my kids sometimes!

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