Monday, March 26, 2007

March Madness

I've put all the screens in the windows and opened the entire house up. I'm trying to get rid of any and every virus that may still be hanging around. We cannot shake the flu around here.

Last Wednesday I woke up (after my stimulating day in the hospital) feeling "not quite right". Not really anything I could describe - just queasy and no appetite. Weird for me. Definitely weird for me. Smells made me sick to my stomach. Thinking about food made me want to crawl into bed. I was exhausted.

Morning sickness.

Thats what it felt like.

Until Saturday. The aches came with no fever. Not even half of a degree. But I couldn't sit still in church because everything hurt. I couldn't do anything that day because I had no energy. My knees hurt, my eyeballs hurt, my back hurt. And the pizza we had after church was not enjoyable.

Sunday the aches were gone, but still no energy, no appetite, no hunger even. For the last 5 days I ate simply because I knew I needed to, but that was the only reason. My pancakes were not enjoyable. I was functioning, but not well. I felt like I was faking it because I didn't have any real symptoms. I was beginning to think that I would never feel normal again.

Until today. I AM normal (okay, you can snicker about that - but normal relative to me:) My energy is back, my ambition is back, my appetite is back (although my stomach is not always very happy about that - still a little queasy after I eat). I am soooo happy!

But Cornbread and Nora are down. They have fevers, though.

Two of my friends had this "morning sickness" virus - and they even took pregnancy tests to find out. How in the world do we get rid of this? It has been 2 1/2 weeks of different things going from one person to the next. Never seems to be the same as the previous person in our house... Don't have a clue what is going on in this house, but the windows are open, the doors are open, I've been doing laundry and disinfecting.

Lest I jinx myself, I will just note that ONE person in our family has not been sick at all. Perhaps some questionable diaper contents, but no vomitting or fever as of yet during all of this. Lets just hope it stays that way;)


Heaven Sent 8:12 PM  

Oh I do hope this warm weather and fresh air clears it out. It is so frustrating when your house feels like a petri dish. And I can't even imagine what that must be like with 3 kids (well, 4 if you count Cornbread :o)

And pizza didn't taste good? We MUST find a cure to this horrible disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cousin Jen 7:59 AM  

Nobody in our family got it and we were around Cornbread, Nora, and Georgia (who I assume is the one who never got it yet). Isn't that crazy viruses can make some people sick and others don't get it? In the same house??

Let the kids run in the backyard, keep disinfecting...this HAS to pass.

Sarah 12:53 PM  

I'm glad you're feeling better, and I hope your family does soon. Completely unrelated: "Cornbread" is an awesome nickname and holy cripes your kids are cute.

Mommy Brain 1:33 PM  

I sure hope this passes soon. I know that when everyone in my house is sick it seems to last an eternity and after awhile I'm one depressed mommy. Hope you see the sun soon!

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