Sunday, March 11, 2007


I feel so uninspired lately - uninspired in relation to blogging, anyway. Actually there are lots and lots and lots of thoughts running around this head of mine that I'm not sure I can put down in writing. I not even sure that I want to for fear that other people reading it will think I'm a) a complete looney toons, b) an uninformed, uneducated dorkwad or c) both a and b. You know how that goes - you're trying to figure things out in your head, but aren't sure that you can truly articulate your thoughts on something. Add to that, the fact that I'm thinking about many different issues - not just one - and you've got a mess up there:)

One thing that I was able to resolve in the last day or two was my final order of photos from our portrait session. That was a huge ordeal - trying to figure out what I wanted vs. what we could afford and where everything would go and what kind of frames and where to buy the frames and how much would the frames cost and would the frames cheapen the portraits. Whew! I told you - it was a big ordeal. For me. Thats how I am - I need to have that stuff figured out. I can't just buy something and figure out where it is going to fit in my house - I have to have the place figured out and know approximately what I'm looking for and then go out and find it. Its kind of a pain, really. But it is now done. I just need to email the order to the studio, send them a check and wait for the pictures - because I've already bought the frames:)

The other thing that I was able to resolve this week was the decluttering of my master bathroom. Holy COW! It feels good to go through things and throw things away, put things away and give things away! I threw a bunch of stuff out - some old perfume, an expired prescription, some partially used travel sized toothpaste - that kind of stuff. I also made a pile of stuff that I would like to give away or sell. I'm going to try to sell a couple of things on ebay, but mostly give the rest away, so I joined and am going to try to give it away there. If not there, I'll give it to Purple Heart Veterans (my new employer - more on that later). My bathroom is so unbelievably clean and organized - it has not been this way since we moved here 4 1/2 years ago! Its amazing to me that by cleaning out the drawers and cabinets, I now have a place to put the stuff that was on the counter;)

So I am going to declutter my house - week by week a new room/area. My Grace friends are all privy to my decluttering challenge and some have taken me up on it. If you would like to join the fun, let me know - I'll be happy to post my challenge here every Monday, too. I cannot believe how happy my clean and organized bathroom makes me. I want to skip when I walk through it and realize that it has been more than 1 day since I cleaned it;)

So my mind is racing on so many things. Thats where I've been. Struggling with my thoughts. Trying to sort out issues - church issues and political issues, mainly, but also some others. Maybe I'll begin sharing - maybe it'll help me sort through some stuff. I'm not sure. I'll have to add that idea to the list and think about it:)


Amanda 10:20 PM  

Add THIS to your list: Tell us WHY you call Dave Cornbread. Is there something BAD behind it or something???? ;)

mrseagen 2:48 PM  

Amanda just doesn't give up does she! :) LOL

Glad to here your pictures are all handled! You'd freak at my house... pictures and empty frames everywhere and every once in a while I find a pair that matches and even a spot on the wall for them....

Mommy Brain 7:00 PM  

It does feel good to have one clean and organized place in the house...I get that feeling say once every year or so...sometimes I just tackle one cabinet instead of a whole room...setting the bar too high is not a problem for me! Keep sharing, I love reading your blog. Oh, and anyone who writes the word dorkwad in their post is ok in my book.

Heaven Sent 10:16 PM  

Oh, I need your inspiration. My clutter is getting overwhelming... there's nowhere to put this stuff!

And please share your thoughts. Odds are we are either thinking the same things or you'll get us thinking.

If your looking for ideas, I recently posted my testimony -- it's always good to have that down on "paper," plus it puts everything else in perspective.

heidi jo 10:34 AM  

yeah - why is it that you keep avoiding the cornbread question?

as to looney toooons? honey, we all already know the answer to that. ;) heee heee... and yet we keep coming back for more and still love you. hmmmm... wonder what that says about us? ;)

heidi jo

heidi jo 8:09 PM  

(i think she's avoided the cornbread comment to keep us all coming back with a question...) ;)

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