Thursday, March 01, 2007

For my 30th birthday Cornbread reserved a portrait session at a local photography studio that he works with through the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce. I was thrilled. I've always, always wanted some of those professional artsy, beautiful black and white portraits that I see other parents have of their children, but knowing that they would be completely out of our price range, I've never looked into them.

He listened, though, and arranged for the session and for a framed print for my birthday. I cried. He had done so well and had been so thoughtful - the surprise birthday party was more than enough, but to know that he had actually listened to me the few times I mentioned how much I would love to have something like this but just knew that we couldn't afford it... it meant so much to me.

I was very, very excited, however, at that particular time Georgia was only 5 months old and I wanted her to be a little older for the pictures, so we waited. And waited. And waited. Until just a couple of weeks ago when we finally had them done.

Today, Dave and I went to see the proofs of our session and to wittle them down to a total package of portraits to share with the world:)

We sat down on the couch and Elise started the slide show and walked into the back room for a moment. One after another the portraits came up and each was as beautiful as the last one. Tears rolled down my cheeks - really they did - because these were exactly - EXACTLY - what I had hoped for. They were spectacular and I cannot wait to figure out where I am going to be putting them throughout my home.

So here you go, please take a look and enjoy. Click on the link below, then go to sessions and type in dykstra (all lower case) for the session id.
Wehmeier Portraits

And come back and tell me which are your favorites!!!


Anonymous 8:51 PM  

Jeanene said:

Could you get any cuter? Of course I think they are allllll adorable but since you asked for our favorites here they are: #'s 2, 6, 11, 14, 20, 30, 37, 40 and 43

heidi jo 3:45 AM  


Carol 8:15 AM  

Love them all... I love the whole family interacting - not an "everyone looking at the camera" pose. I love the one with Dave and the two girls. I love the one with you kissing Georgia. I love the one of you and Dave. I love Georgia on the ottoman. Okay, I pretty much love them all....

Carol 8:16 AM  

BTW--Happy Birthday. I'm sure that Calvin mug and seal is in the mail to you somewhere. :)

Amanda 11:05 AM  

I love all of them! My favorite is the very last one, though. ;)
AWESOME pics...your family is so cute! :)

Mommy Brain 4:19 PM  

I loved them all...#37 made me start to cry...I also loved 44, 28, 25,22,18,11,4...I loved them have a beautiful family!

amanda 7:31 AM  

Oh, and STOP dodging the 'cornbread' question! :)

heidi jo 11:34 AM  

been checking for new posts... your new job must have you busy. ;) wanted you to know i was thinking of you.

mrseagen 3:58 PM  

Yeah, I was looking for a new post too! What's with that! Sick, job, boy oh boy what's next ;)... OL

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